Wednesday, June 6, 2012

WILW & Oh Pinteresting

Whoo Hoo It's Wednesday!! I keep telling myself just 3 more early mornings of work and then a nice long vacation :)

I adore Wednesdays because I get to do one of my favorite link-ups! It is with Jamie and it's called WILW. You just simply put "What I'm Loving"... so easy!! I'm also linking up with Michelle for the first time for Pinteresting to show what I'm loving... killing 2 blogs with one post ;)

I'm Loving

The fresh produce I found at my local farmer's market yesterday!

These awesome salads to incorporate more veggies

These funny finds that made me smile through yesterday :)

These blogs that you should ALL read, click on the picture to go to them :) (In no particular order)
All these girls are wonderful writers (And they do awesome giveaways!)

With an intro like that how can you not love Neely? Plus she loves Felicity :)

This describes Janae perfectly right now, pregnant and fruit lover :)
Meghan is simply beautiful and so is her blog <3  

What are you loving this Wednesday or Pinteresting?? Link up and share!

P.S Don't forget to enter the fabulous giveaways I mentioned here!!


  1. oooh all those salads with avocados on them look sooooo amazing!!!!

  2. Um all of this made me so hungry! But luckily, you've inspired me in a good way to do something healthy and veggie focused for lunch :)

    I love the short people problems pin...I had that problem JUST yesterday so it made me giggle.

    New follower coming over from WILW :)

  3. I love the short people quote!! That is so true when I sit in my fiance's car!!!

  4. I've been meaning to do some of those mason jar salads for the summer :) They seem so easy to just prepare and have done for each day! Happy Wednesday girl!!

  5. oh girlie when it comes to summer my favorite place to shop is the farmer market. I love all the fresh goodies that you find & can buy... I love mingling with everyone as well :)


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