Wednesday, August 18, 2010

If You Really Knew Me

If You Really Knew Me, You would know that....

God is my number 1 and I put everything in his hands

I can't fall asleep without noise

Every year my sister and I sleep in the same bed on Christmas Eve

I HATE change, even small ones

I love children

I'm scared of being alone and not having a family

I've been a babysitter, sandwhich artist, ice cream scooper and worked at a hair salon

I have very few close friends

My parents are wealthy... I am not

I struggle with my weight everyday

I love MSU

I put my whole heart into everyone and everything... it gets me hurt alot

I love 90's music

I have a huge family and we always have a good time

I grew up with no grandparents and miss them deeply

I hate it when people don't know what they want

I often feel taken advantage of and the only thing holding me back is my looks

I've never been in a wedding

My mom and sister are my best friends

I cry a lot at night

I love to cook

I've seen Taylor Swift 3 times

God Rocks and We Roll

Tuesday, August 17, 2010

Love & Other Drugs

So the title of my blog is a movie title, I just saw the preview on youtube and it looks really good. But it also relates to a relationship that i'm in right now and it might be the wake up call that I need.

In the movie the main character is on the fast track of life, making good money, sleeping with a lot of women, and a huge charmer and flirt. Then there's the main woman character (anne hathaway-love!!!) who doesn't put up with his crap charming lines and he starts to fall for her. That describes me and my friend Patrick. He is a charmer, all the ladies love him, and I don't put up with his crap... but he's not falling... at least that I know of. In fact he kind of uses me, for my kindness and friendship, which i wouldn't mind if he reciprocated, but of course he doesn't. So i started counting all the times that I've been there for him, supported him and showed a general interest. It was a good friendly amount. Now the times that he's done it... i can count on one hand.

Then I realized that while he may do this, God never will. His love is never ending and always guiding me. He is always there for me and HIS word is always near me. He must have put Patrick in my life for a reason, even if I have to be the good friend and that's it.

So while life may never seem what it is... there is always a plan.

God Rocks and We Roll

Friday, August 13, 2010


So I'm terrible at blogging... really terrible and hopefully now that I have a job where I sit at the computer for 5 hrs I will become more frequent and not write a novel every time! Given that, this will be a longer blog but hopefully you'll enjoy!

So you may or may not know but for the last 4 summers I have been a counselor at a church camp called Wesley Woods. It's located in the small village of Dowling, MI and is surrounded by woods and a lake. It's full of bugs (especially on humid days), llamas, and kids. It is a week long and there are 220 kids plus 40 staff members. We have to hike up 45 stairs at least 4 times a day to go from our cabins to our activities. The days are long and the nights short. This is my Paradise!

Now for those that do know me, you're probably thinking "what the heck". I am not a nature girl. I don't like camping. I like to shower everyday and would rather save my money to spend on air conditioning then to go to a movie. But that one week of the year, that muddy, buggy camp is my paradise.

This past year at camp was different from the rest. We lost 15 members of previous years staff due to life changing ( We missed you tons Kate!!). We were scrambling until the last minute to find counselors and then when God said here is your last one... Nick broke his ankle while us staff got to mountain board. So the day before the kids arrive we are short 2 male counselors. We worked through it though with God's guidance and Shane being amazing!! I was especially nervous this year because I had 5th,6th and 7th grade girls (previous years all my girls were under the age of 8). I also had a new counselor who had never been to camp before and she was a mom... not that that's bad but i'm a college student at MSU... what would we have in common and i had to spend a whole week with her.

Well, needless to say I was completely wrong. My girls were amazing... Edna (my co-counselor mom) and I were able to discuss deeper subjects with them and helped a girl accept Christ as her life!! Edna was amazing! We had so much fun together and made great co-counselors! We scared the boy cabin next to us too!! It was probably the best year, despite all the mishaps!!

The best thing about camp is that it reconnects you with God. You are away from life for 1 whole week, surrounded by people who worship and praise just like you and support you through anything. You are responsible for 220 kids who look to you for advice on everything and anything ( I found out that fish drink water!) and you have the most moving experience with God and just chat with him all the time!

During the week we studied Job and I came across this verse, "He prays to God and finds favor with him, he sees God's face and shouts for joy; he is restored by God to his righteous state. "Job 33:26

This describes the week perfectly, he pray and reconnect with God and in return he fills you with so much joy it is uncontainable! I hope that everyone is able to feel this uncontainable joy and if you want any camp stories just ask!!

God Rocks and we Roll :)