Tuesday, August 17, 2010

Love & Other Drugs

So the title of my blog is a movie title, I just saw the preview on youtube and it looks really good. But it also relates to a relationship that i'm in right now and it might be the wake up call that I need.

In the movie the main character is on the fast track of life, making good money, sleeping with a lot of women, and a huge charmer and flirt. Then there's the main woman character (anne hathaway-love!!!) who doesn't put up with his crap charming lines and he starts to fall for her. That describes me and my friend Patrick. He is a charmer, all the ladies love him, and I don't put up with his crap... but he's not falling... at least that I know of. In fact he kind of uses me, for my kindness and friendship, which i wouldn't mind if he reciprocated, but of course he doesn't. So i started counting all the times that I've been there for him, supported him and showed a general interest. It was a good friendly amount. Now the times that he's done it... i can count on one hand.

Then I realized that while he may do this, God never will. His love is never ending and always guiding me. He is always there for me and HIS word is always near me. He must have put Patrick in my life for a reason, even if I have to be the good friend and that's it.

So while life may never seem what it is... there is always a plan.

God Rocks and We Roll

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  1. This is cool - but it makes me think: in your situation, how many times am I just like Patrick?? God keeps blessing me and blessing me, and how often do I totally forget that and just ignore Him? It's interesting to think about.


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