Monday, July 28, 2014

Weekend Recap: Nephew Edition

It is Monday night. This is very sad for me because it means my 6 day weekend vacation is coming to an end! I am linking up with Bella, Anni & Meg to share my wonderful weekend :)

My vacation started last Wednesday when the boy drove me to the airport. Can I just say that a huge perk of being in a relationship is having someone drive you to the airport and pick you up.
 My weekend really started when I flew to Michigan and got to see my sister, brother-in-law, and nephew. My nephew is only 2 weeks old and SO ADORABLE!
My Dad and I landed in Grand Rapids and made the 3 1/2 hour drive north. We then spent 6 hours at my sister's house just hanging out, fighting over Abel, and catching up. It was awesome.

One of the things I miss most about Michigan is Biggby coffee. It is delicious and they make great, iced coffees. Of course I had to pick up a Purple Haze before going back to spend time with the fam.
The rest of the weekend was spent at my sister's. We ate really good food (my Dad makes the best steak), chatted, bickered like kids, and watched movies. I am now going to overload you with pictures of my adorable nephew. Can you tell I'm a proud Aunt?

On Sunday my Dad and I drove 3 1/2 hours back to the airport. My younger sister was visiting family and met us at the airport. It made the 4 hour trip back to Phoenix so much faster. Plus she loves to take pictures as much as I do :)
After a few delayed flights from Phoenix--> Las Vegas, I finally made it home at 8:30. Just in time to celebrate the boy's dad's birthday. I was an amazing weekend and I love spending time with my family!

Friday, July 18, 2014

Blogmopolitan Quiz: Round 2

I'm so excited that Erin made another Blogmopolitan Quiz! These are so fun and you find out some cool facts about your favorite bloggers! Fill one out and link-up!

Wednesday, July 16, 2014


How on earth is it only Wednesday?! The only thing getting me through today is the Blendicano that I had this morning and the awesome talk with my sister.

Thankfully, my Wednesday is almost over and I decided that I should want to post about my eats as of late. I really like reading others WIAW posts so hopefully I'll inspire someone else too!

If you didn't know, I'm working 4 jobs this summer. Yes, 4. #LifeOfATeacher. Most of my meals are ones that I can prep on Sundays, or freeze and reheat. They are also served in Tupperware or plastic bags.

My mornings have been starting with a Starbucks Blendicano. This little gem is the bomb. It is simply ice, espresso, and water blended like a frapp. Make sure you tell them no base. Sometimes I'll even hand them a packet of my Perfect Fit Chocolate Protein powder to add in. It's no calories and sooo good. Thanks to Michelle for the perfect drink :)
By the time I pick up the nanny kids and we get to summer camp, I am ready for breakfast. I recently scored a huge box of cherries from an old school parent of mine! I've been eating them like crazy and especially love them with Greek yogurt. Add a Tone It Up protein, blueberry muffin and I'm set for the morning.

By the time lunch rolls around I'm busy getting the kids fed, cleaning up the classroom, tying bracelets, and so much more. I have just enough time to make some oatmeal, and top it with pb2, Quest bar, and some granola.
When we (the nanny kids & I) get home we are usually ready for a snack. They love apples and pb or vegetables but I like to combine all of it. My favorite snack lately is Strawberry Salsa! It's so good with chips or another dipping vegetable or on its own.
After I get done nannying I grab a quick quest bar or protein shake and get my workout on. An awesome sweat sesh is always perfect after work because it gives me enough energy to get through the night and it motivates me to eat healthier! When I get home I'm starving so I pull out a pre-made turkey burger, pop it in the oven and make a salad to go with it. Quick, easy & done.

P.S Thank goodness for the Iphone pics! I'm not a foodie photographer but they turned out ok :)

Monday, July 14, 2014

What Being a Nanny Means

The other day I was telling venting to a friend about my summer job. You see, I'm a nanny and the mom I babysit for was trying to only pay me $5/hour for 2 kids! After I was done venting, this friend was dumbfounded. Not at the fact that I was going to get paid $5/hour but that I wanted more!

This made me upset, and in typical "me" fashion I hung up the phone so I wouldn't say something I would regret. Later my friend called me back and asked me to explain why I felt the need to get paid more when all I had to do was sit the kids in front of the tv, give them PB& J sandwiches and color. Well let me tell you... that is the farthest thing from what I actually do. So I decided to make a post about what a GOOD Nanny does. For this story all names have been changed.

This summer I am nannying for 2 kids, Cayden and Sarah. Cayden is 6 and Sarah is 4. I babysit them 5 days/week for 10 hours each day. I am with them a lot!

While they look adorable, they are full of sass, spunk and energy! They are always on the move, HATE naps, love swimming but don't have much interaction with kids. As their nanny, it is my responsibility to show them how to act like decent human beings, teach them manners, and so many other things.

Our days are filled with photo shoots, putting on lots of sunscreen, swimming, picnic lunches, making new friends, and spending time at the park.

By the time we come home we do have chill time. I allow them to watch 1 hour of t.v or technology time. The rest of the day is spent doing makeup, playing leggos, coloring, and doing chores.

I never leave a dish in the sink, a blanket unfolded, or pillows on the floor. Even if it is what I come to in the morning.

I make them breakfast, lunch and dinner. I'm teaching them how to read, how to swim, and how to be respectful to everyone (even if they don't want to). It's fixing boo-boos, giving hugs, and being there to listen to their problems (p.s it is major drama that a BRATZ doll is being discontinued!)

We have fun and some days are better than most. But on those bad days we make ice cream sundaes and call it a win.

So to answer my friend's question, and anyone elses, being a nanny is NOT putting them in front of the t.v, coloring, and PB&J sandwiches. It is caring for little adults, who want to grow up too quick and need caring for.