Monday, April 8, 2013

5 for Five

Hi Friends! It has been a hot minute (does anyone still say that?) since I've written a post but I'm excited to start writing again! What a better day, than a Monday, and link up with Jenn & Jess!

1) Workout Monday, Thursday, Friday-Sunday- I'm hoping that if I write down specific days then this will help motivate me more. I'm not doing it on Tuesday because those are long days for me, and on Wednesday I work at Old Navy.

2) Pack my lunch every day this week- This may seem easy to do but when you get busy it is easier to just go out and grab something. Not this week! To reward myself I will go out Friday night for dinner :)

3) Blog AT LEAST 3x this week! Please hold me accountable to this! Lately it's been so easy to just tell myself "no one reads your posts so they won't notice if you don't blog". Also, if you have any topics you want me to post about, let me know!

4) Catch Up/Keep Up with grading!- This is a never ending goal. I always start the week out well but by Thursday my work bag is filled with papers and I procrastinate. (Shocker I know!)

5) Go Shopping for my Flip-Flop Swap Buddy! I have the best partner in the world for this (ahem, Jenn) and am so excited to get her stuff... now to get paid on Wednesday...

That's all for today folks! (Thank you Hulu Cartoons!)