Monday, June 7, 2010


Procrastination. By Webster's dictionary it means: delay or postpone action; put off doing something. Which I completely agree with. And being a college girl and in summer classes I thought that this was a very applicable topic. So here is a list of different procrastination activities that you can do.... unfortunately I have done lots of them tonight... I have a psychology exam tomorrow :(

How to Procrastinate...

1) Facebook

2) Blog

3) Make a home cooked meal

4) Visit apartment office and talk with friends

5) Make cookies

6) Clean apartment... every room

7) Do dishes and laundry

8) Shower

9) Do other *homework*

10) Watch t.v./movie... say its for class!

11) Call family members

12) Work (full time jobs are the best!)

13) Workout

14) Change computer around (desktop, screen saver, organization stuff)

15) Just talk with friends and go out and drink!!!