Tuesday, September 2, 2014

No Spend September

I've recently realized that I LOVE to spend money. Do not ask me why because I'm still analyzing it with some help *cough, cough therapist, cough cough*. Although a huge trigger for me is stress. I always feel better after I spend money. Whether it be for clothes, makeup, or even groceries.

While I'm doing much better, September is an extremely stressful month for me. I'm finishing my Masters, I've started teaching again, and school is overall a stressful situation. Add in outside relationships, trying to save money for Christmas, and more.

So, to help me keep track of my spending, I'm do NO SPEND SEPTEMBER. There are many different ways one can go about this. This is my way.

1) No spending money on clothes! NONE!

2) I should only go grocery shopping 1 or 2 times/week. No making extra trips for something I don't need.

3) Wherever I go I must have a list. I can't get anything outside of my list.

4) Try to use more coupons.

5) No spending money on eating out/drinking. Starbucks, Cafe Rio, Smoothie King...

6) Every time I feel the need to shop I need to workout, and/or put money into a jar. I can then use that money after September, if I chose.

Now, I know surprises come up, so if that happens I'm ok with it. I really just want to see how well I can do. Follow me on Instagram and Twitter (@ElleHattan) to see how I do! I'll also be doing updates throughout the month!

Happy September!