Loved Ones

I'm one lucky gal, you know why? I have so many loved ones in my life! Here are just a few of the regulars you may see on this blog :)

This is my immediate family. My Mom and Bob got married in March of 2009 and I couldn't ask for a better step-dad. My Mom is my best friend. Her and I have been through so much together and I couldn't ask for a better one :)

Bre & Steve are my older step-brother and sister-in-law. They live in Chicago so I don't see them much but when I do it's always a good time.

Elizabeth & Chris are my older step-sister and brother-in-law. They are like the older sister and brother that I never had growing up. I don't consider Elizabeth a step-sister but a real one. They currently live in Washington D.C and it's so much fun to visit them!

Kelsey is my biological little sister. We are day and night but I always love her and always will. She lives in my hometown and is a cosmotologist. She does amazing work and I will NEVER go to anyone else for beauty needs.

These are my adoptive families. They are like my real family and I often see them more than my real family!

The Ruegseggers: Sam & Sue are like my parents. But better because I'm also their close friend. Their kids are like my siblings and we call ourselves brothers and sisters. There are Noah, Ben and Paige. 

The Paisleys: Jim and Jada are similar to siblings. I've been babysitting Brandon and Jacob for 4 summers and they recently added a new little sister! These kids appear most on my blog!

The Lambs: If you ever wanted to be a part of a big family this is the best one. Keith and Lisa are the most patient and understanding parents you'll ever find. I love hanging out with their kids because they are so full of energy and are hiliarious! I mean just look at these photos ;) 

There's also all my amazing friends who I'm so lucky to have and we have so many fun times!

If you want to know more check out my Blogstar Post here!

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