Monday, March 21, 2011

Celebrity Filled Saturday!

Wow, I've totally been slacking on the blogging. I'm very sorry for this but with only 7 followers and a super busy schedule I hope you understand!!

This weekend I had a the oppertunity to go to a professional development conference. I'm part of Michigan State's Student Michigan Education Association (SMEA). We are a group of students who are becoming teachers. Throughout the year we raise money for Outreach To Teach. I'll post more on that next Sunday. Below is a picture of all the E*Board members who went to the conference on Saturday. It was fun to see everyone in business clothes :)

This is a picture of a small gathering of the E*Board and the general members that went to the conference. There were a lot more members!! It was nice because the conference was very close to campus and we were able to meet a lot of other college's groups.

In the morning of the conference we had small breakout sessions that focused on classroom management, autism, technology in the classroom, and literacy in the classroom. The sessions were wonderful and very informational. The main event of the conference was the key note speaker: Manuel Scott. He was one of the original freedom writers and gave an incredible, motivational speech. If you ever have a chance to meet him do it!

This is a video of the movie Freedom Writers based on Manuel Scott's experience. I highly recommend it!!

After the conference on Saturday I went to church. Michigan State's quarterback, Kirk Cousins, came to our Saturday night service to talk about Christ being in your life everyday and how sports have impacted (for the better) his relationship with God. When I found out he was speaking it made my day because I've had the hugest crush on him for the last 4 years. Yep. Ever since Freshman year of college I've liked him. After the service he was signing autographs and taking pictures so I got this one. I think we'd make a cute couple... you? :D
Now your turn!!
Q1) Do you ever have to go to professional developments? Do you like them?

Q2) Who are some motivational speakers you've seen and loved?

Q3) Who is your biggest "hometown" or "local" celebrity crush?

Friday, March 11, 2011

How do you build an ice cream sundae?

Hey Everyone! This is going to be a shorter post because I'm up north with my family and about to go snow boarding :) I'll post pics hopefully on Sunday!

I feel that making an ice cream sundae is an art. You have to have the right mix of sweet, crunchy and creamy.

These are my ingredients for my perfect sundae (minus the sour nerds but I wanted them really bad). Also I don't like the cherries, just the juice :)

Step 1) Pour cherry sauce in bottom of bowl.

Step 2) Put in your whip cream

Step 3) In goes the ice cream!

Step 4) Caramel sauce

Step 5) More whip cream, this makes the sundae light and fluffy.

Last Step) Put the candy toppings on!

I always mix everything together, thus the bigger bowl. Substitute whatever toppings you want and make it your own :)

1) What's your favorite ice cream?
2) What is in your perfect sundae?
3) Do you like to ski/snowboard/ice skate?

Saturday, March 5, 2011

ABCs of Me :)

I've been an awful blogger and I'm so sorry. I've been battling a head cold, studying for mid-terms, and teaching and working non-stop. Since my blog is relatively new I thought I'd do the ABCs of me. Enjoy!!

A. Age: 22

Bed size: Full

Chore you dislike: taking out the trash, it always smells!

Dogs: I had a dalmation (domino) growing up and when he died my family got a chocolate lab (Mnich). He went with my Dad to Arizona when my parents divorced and I miss him dearly!
E. Essential start to your day: washing my face and brushing my teeth!

Favorite color: Pink

G. Gold or silver: Silver, I'm allergic to gold :(

Height: 4'11 hehe I'm fun sized

Instruments you play(ed): piano (15 years), Saxaphone (6 years)

Job title: Full time student, daughter, sister and friend. Along with desk receptionist and teacher who works for free

Kids: I want in the future. I love kids

Live: Michigan State University, DeWitt (church) and grew up in Portland. All within 30 min of each other :)

M. Mom’s name: Jane

Nicknames: Elle (My full name is Arielle), Elle Belle, blondi, shorty, midge

Overnight hospital stays: 0!! Never broke a bone and got stitches once

Pet peeves: People not doing their dishes. I hate it when I have to pick up after people

Quote from a movie: "Did you hear THAT?!" (Elf), "you had me at hello" (Jerry McGuire), "Run Forest, run" (Forest Gump), "Our love is like the wind... I can't see it, but I sure can feel it." (Walk to Remember)

Righty or lefty: Righty

Siblings: Older brother and sister-in-law (Steve & Bre), Older sister and brother-in-law (Elizabeth and Chris), and younger sisters Kelsey, Ally, and Ella

Time you wake up: 5:30 weekdays, 8:30 on Saturdays and 7 on Sundays

Underwear: Victoria's Secret

Vegetables you don't like: squash

What makes you run late: I love long showers

X-rays you’ve had: none

Yummy food you make: Anything I make is good but my favorites are my chocolate chip cookies and toffee bars

Zoo animal favorites: Monkeys!!!