Monday, March 21, 2011

Celebrity Filled Saturday!

Wow, I've totally been slacking on the blogging. I'm very sorry for this but with only 7 followers and a super busy schedule I hope you understand!!

This weekend I had a the oppertunity to go to a professional development conference. I'm part of Michigan State's Student Michigan Education Association (SMEA). We are a group of students who are becoming teachers. Throughout the year we raise money for Outreach To Teach. I'll post more on that next Sunday. Below is a picture of all the E*Board members who went to the conference on Saturday. It was fun to see everyone in business clothes :)

This is a picture of a small gathering of the E*Board and the general members that went to the conference. There were a lot more members!! It was nice because the conference was very close to campus and we were able to meet a lot of other college's groups.

In the morning of the conference we had small breakout sessions that focused on classroom management, autism, technology in the classroom, and literacy in the classroom. The sessions were wonderful and very informational. The main event of the conference was the key note speaker: Manuel Scott. He was one of the original freedom writers and gave an incredible, motivational speech. If you ever have a chance to meet him do it!

This is a video of the movie Freedom Writers based on Manuel Scott's experience. I highly recommend it!!

After the conference on Saturday I went to church. Michigan State's quarterback, Kirk Cousins, came to our Saturday night service to talk about Christ being in your life everyday and how sports have impacted (for the better) his relationship with God. When I found out he was speaking it made my day because I've had the hugest crush on him for the last 4 years. Yep. Ever since Freshman year of college I've liked him. After the service he was signing autographs and taking pictures so I got this one. I think we'd make a cute couple... you? :D
Now your turn!!
Q1) Do you ever have to go to professional developments? Do you like them?

Q2) Who are some motivational speakers you've seen and loved?

Q3) Who is your biggest "hometown" or "local" celebrity crush?


  1. Oh wow!! Sounds like an awesome weekend! :D

  2. I never went to a professional development conference, but I did go to many leadership conferences when I was president of my sorority and really enjoyed them. I definitely took those learning experiences with me beyond college.

    Hmmmmm, in college I saw many speakers, but I would say my favorite was Jacob from the organization Invisible Children, which fights to bring peace to Northern Uganda. He was abducted as a child after his family was murdered and forced to be a child soldier. I cried like a baby throughout the entire presentation. I also saw the man who Russell Crowe's character was based off of in the movie "American Gangster". His stories were really cool.

    My hometown "crush" would be Aaron Rodgers from the Packers. He is from the town where I went to college, and I met him in a bar one night (having no clue who he was at the time!). He was very nice and so cute!


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