Thursday, November 29, 2012

"Its Ok" Thursday

Can I get an AMEN that Thursday is over and Friday is just a few hours away?! Whoo! Once again I'm linking up with Neely & Amber for "Its Ok" Thursday!
"Its Ok" 

I really dread confrontation!

I haven't been looking forward to going to work... I love my kids just not the environment

I really dislike being the "nice" teacher who does everything for the subs

I'm super excited to make Christmas Cookies tomorrow night!

I'm eating popcorn, writing this post, and waiting for Glee to start :)

I am missing my family and even the snow... just a little.

I am super excited for January 2nd and have a count down going!

To really hate doing cardio lately...

But loving lifting weights & feeling strong!

Have I mentioned how much I love popcorn?

To have to live paycheck to paycheck right now

But want to spend all of it...

And cant...

I have to work at Old Navy this weekend and am excited for it!

What's Ok with you right now?

Sunday, November 25, 2012

5 For 5!

What a weekend! I wish I could say I spent mine with family, friends, and relaxing but I can not. I did spend it GUEST POSTING, working, & having an unconventional Thanksgiving dinner with my friend and her family :)

I really enjoy linking up with these beautiful girls because I really feel like it holds me accountable to blog about these goals! I really hate to use the color red!

Red= Fail, Green= Success, Orange=Semi-successful

2) Drink Less Wine
3) Cook/Eat Healthier
4) Workout- I did workout but not as often as I wanted to.
5) Get my Christmas Cards Out! I have about 1/2 of them written.

Now onto this weeks goals!

1) Have a positive attitude- This one has been hard for me lately. I'm still battling the last of this cold, am missing my family, & really hating the workplace. BUT I need to remember that I'm lucky to have 2 jobs when others have none, a place to live, and I will see my family for Easter.

2) Workout EVERY DAY this week- This is completely doable. 3x this week I will lift weights but every day I should be doing some sort of cardio. 

3) Finish the Christmas Cards! I will do this. I will do this. I will do this.

4) Only have 1 Starbucks & 1 lunch out. I have a free drink from Starbucks I'll use on Friday & I'm going to treat myself to Mexican Freddy's Tacos on Friday :)

5) Try to Blog at least 4x this week. I did well last week until Thanksgiving. Then I got busy working. Not this week! No sir, these posts will be ready the night before.

Please, Please, Please comment/link-up/tweet your goals for this week so we can hold each other accountable!    

Thursday, November 22, 2012

Happy Thanksgiving, I'm Guest Posting!

Happy Thanksgiving Friends!!!

I hope you are all enjoying time with your loved ones :)

Today I will be working at Old Navy & having dinner with a friend's family!

If you need to get away from a crazy family member grab your phone and check out my guest post!

See you all on the flip side!

Wednesday, November 21, 2012


I haven't done a What I'm Loving Wednesday or Oh How Pinteresting post in such a long time! They are fun though so let's get this underway...

I'm Loving & Pinning

That I have this whole week off from teaching and can make myself good breakfasts

Breakfast Burrito from Brittany

I'm loving that I have time to cook and have made these delish recipes!

I've been pinning funny images...

I'm loving that I get to work on Black Friday & Then share crazy stories!

I'm loving that these wonderful girls are sharing all our wonderful birthdays so we can have some extra love on our special day :)

What are you Loving & Pinning?

Tuesday, November 20, 2012

Tell Me About It Tuesday.

Today at my gym I saw a woman wearing this shirt
Seriously?! One thing I love about my gym is that I can get a whole weight circuit & cardio in under an hour. Another great thing? Men & women of all ages, gender, and fitness level workout and we workout HARD. I mean don't get me wrong it's not like grunting and moaning going on and sounding like a football game but if I'm breathing heavily and sweating I'm fitting right in.

When I was in undergrad I went to my gym a lot. It was 2 blocks away from my dorm and right next to the building where all my classes were. I went there because it was convenient, big, and had tons of equipment. It also had all the girls who PUT ON MAKEUP BEFORE WORKING OUT?! Yes, you saw that right, girls would be in the locker room gussying up to go get sweaty meet a guy. Ok, yes, the campus gym was a good place to meet guys, I met one of my good friends at the gym. BUT I am not going to sacrifice my workout just to meet a guy!
Now, I'm not saying that you need to wear 2 sizes too big pants, and the baggiest t-shirt you own. I'm all for wearing cute athletic wear and often do. I like to wear Emi-Jay & Sparkly Soul instead of the usual hair ties. Heck, I even have multiple pairs of running shoes just because of the colors (don't judge, I know you do too!). However, if you only reason to go to the gym is to meet a guy and make those of us who DO SWEAT look bad, save yourself the time and go to the local bar. I'll be getting my sweat on :)


Monday, November 19, 2012

5 For Five!

It's Monday! I'm super excited for this week because I have it completely partially off! I don't have to teach all week (1 week Thanksgiving Break!) so that means:
  • No 30 minute drive into work and 40 minutes back!
  • Sleeping in till 7 am (at least)
  • Getting workouts in when there is sunlight!
These may seem like simple things but trust me, I NEED this break. Sure I have to work at Old Navy but hey I'll have some fun Black Friday stories to share :)

Since Blogger decided to be a pain in the butt last week I wasn't able to post goals, thus I am starting fresh this week! Here they go!

1) DRINK MORE WATER! I have been really sick this week with a cold and not drinking my water. I feel it in my body and skin so I need to up the ante.

2) Drink Less Wine. I've been having a glass of wine EVERY NIGHT this week! I've actually chosen to drink wine instead of taking Nyquil. I SWEAR I'm not an alcoholic but I've been so stressed lately that a glass calms me down. If I have a total of 3-4 glasses this week (mostly on the weekend) that is acceptable... right?
 3) Cook/Eat Healthier. Like I said in #2 I've been sick lately. Why is it when you have a cold all you crave is comfort food or nothing at all? Between skipping meals and then eating mac n'cheese my diet has gone way down hill. Time to get back on track and cook more meals like this
and eat less of this!
4) Workout. Same excuse as #3 but it really does help me relax. I always feel better afterwards. I need to start seeing results. My gym is doing a challenge where if you keep your BMI the same or lower you win a prize! Challenge Accepted!

5) Get my Christmas Cards Out! Every year my family makes fun of me because I always buy cards but A) Never send them out or B) Send them out WAY LATE and they don't get them till New Years or later. Not this year. It's on family. I WILL be the first family Christmas Card to get out :)

*Added Goal: Get caught up on grading student papers!

Sunday, November 18, 2012

Sunday Social: Thankfulness

I have to say I'm SO HAPPY that Blogger finally got their act together and fixed the issues! I'm back to blogging and it feels so good ;)

I'm linking up with the Sunday Social girls today and they are doing things a little differently. Instead of questions we just say what we are THANKFUL for! After the past few weeks I've been having this is a great post to remind myself just how blessed I am.

 I'm THANKFUL For...
  •  My Family. My parents are my rock, my sister is ALWAYS there for me and my brother has the best sarcastic sense of humor. 

  • I'm so lucky for my 2nd families. I miss them OH SO MUCH but being able to talk to them on a weekly basis helps. They have done so much for me in so many ways! We have so many memories and I am so blessed that they welcomed me into their families <3

  •  I have 3 jobs. I teach 3rd grade, tutor, and work at Old Navy. I'm so lucky to have these jobs and love all of them, no matter how stressful & tiring it can get. I am able to support myself and am thankful that my parents raised me to be such a hard worker. 
  •  My friends. I don't have a ton but the ones I do have are the best. We are the type where we don't have to talk everyday but when we do it's like we never missed a beat. I'm lucky to have so many different experiences with them from high school to weddings to internships and now teaching together. I can go to them for any kind of advice and know things will work out ok. 

  •  I'm incredibly blessed to have the opportunity to move away. I'm so thankful I didn't get "stuck" in my hometown and not experience the world. I've been all over Europe, Jamaica, Aruba, and now living in Las Vegas. I'm proud to say I'm a world traveler and do love traveling. 
  • Technology is amazing. Listening to free songs on Pandora, skyping with my family and friends, having the Iphone and all the amazingness that comes with it. It's made my move so much easier and life as well!
  • Bloggy Friends! I've met so many wonderful women through blogging and feel so encouraged when I'm having a bad day. I hope to meet some of you in real life! Jenn & Leslie get your butts out here!

Psalm 95:1-6 - O Come, let us sing for joy to the LORD; Let us shout joyfully to the rock of our salvation. Let us come before His presence with thanksgiving; Let us shout joyfully to Him with psalms.

Read more:

Monday, November 5, 2012

5 for Five!

Well it's Monday... again. I'm very thankful that my weeks go by fast but my weekends are going by even faster, especially now that I'm working at Old Navy! Now onto the most fun link-up with Jenn & Jessica
 Let's review last week, shall we? Pink means success and blue means try harder!

1) Workout at least 3x this week! I did this! I did this!
2) Blog, Blog, Blog! I only blogged 3x but hey I still blogged!
So I kinda cheated on this one a little bit... on Wednesday (Halloween) Chipotle had $2 full size burritos... seriously how could I pass that up?! BUT I only spent those $2. I say success!
4) Write at least 3 letters. Ugh this one is another fail...
5) Pray/Bible study every night. I'm really happy I put this one on. I always pray but this week I did meaningful prayer and really studied the Bible. It's been helping.

On to this weeks goals!

1) I'm keeping my gym promise but upping it to 4x this week! I just feel so much better when I go.

2) I'm going to keep my NO SPENDING MONEY (minus bills, gas, etc).

3) I'm going to be more productive in my day. That means no coming home from the gym at 7 pm and going right to bed. No, I will grade papers, fold the huge pile of laundry, do the dishes, etc. Then I can enjoy my weekends more :)

4) I WILL write letters this week! But please, please, please send me your address if you want one! I'm running out of address ;)

5) I need to be drinking more water. It's hard as a teacher because I only have 2x during the day I can use the bathroom but I will tough it out and drink more.

What are your goals for the week?

Always believing in Faith & Serendipity