Monday, November 19, 2012

5 For Five!

It's Monday! I'm super excited for this week because I have it completely partially off! I don't have to teach all week (1 week Thanksgiving Break!) so that means:
  • No 30 minute drive into work and 40 minutes back!
  • Sleeping in till 7 am (at least)
  • Getting workouts in when there is sunlight!
These may seem like simple things but trust me, I NEED this break. Sure I have to work at Old Navy but hey I'll have some fun Black Friday stories to share :)

Since Blogger decided to be a pain in the butt last week I wasn't able to post goals, thus I am starting fresh this week! Here they go!

1) DRINK MORE WATER! I have been really sick this week with a cold and not drinking my water. I feel it in my body and skin so I need to up the ante.

2) Drink Less Wine. I've been having a glass of wine EVERY NIGHT this week! I've actually chosen to drink wine instead of taking Nyquil. I SWEAR I'm not an alcoholic but I've been so stressed lately that a glass calms me down. If I have a total of 3-4 glasses this week (mostly on the weekend) that is acceptable... right?
 3) Cook/Eat Healthier. Like I said in #2 I've been sick lately. Why is it when you have a cold all you crave is comfort food or nothing at all? Between skipping meals and then eating mac n'cheese my diet has gone way down hill. Time to get back on track and cook more meals like this
and eat less of this!
4) Workout. Same excuse as #3 but it really does help me relax. I always feel better afterwards. I need to start seeing results. My gym is doing a challenge where if you keep your BMI the same or lower you win a prize! Challenge Accepted!

5) Get my Christmas Cards Out! Every year my family makes fun of me because I always buy cards but A) Never send them out or B) Send them out WAY LATE and they don't get them till New Years or later. Not this year. It's on family. I WILL be the first family Christmas Card to get out :)

*Added Goal: Get caught up on grading student papers!


  1. AMEN on the wine part! I hear ya girl!! And I think being able to sleep until 7 is sleeping in these days considering I wake up at 5 am every morning. Thank goodness Thanksgiving break is here! :)

  2. Look at your pic of the wine glass. I honestly thought there was a goldfish jumping out of it at first. I was like, "WOW, Elle has entered a new level of bored..." LOL.

  3. I hope you're doing great with your goals this week!! AND I hope you're surviving Black Friday! I need to do so many of your goals....drink more water, less wine & excercise!! Thanks for supporting our link up again this week!! :)


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