Thursday, November 29, 2012

"Its Ok" Thursday

Can I get an AMEN that Thursday is over and Friday is just a few hours away?! Whoo! Once again I'm linking up with Neely & Amber for "Its Ok" Thursday!
"Its Ok" 

I really dread confrontation!

I haven't been looking forward to going to work... I love my kids just not the environment

I really dislike being the "nice" teacher who does everything for the subs

I'm super excited to make Christmas Cookies tomorrow night!

I'm eating popcorn, writing this post, and waiting for Glee to start :)

I am missing my family and even the snow... just a little.

I am super excited for January 2nd and have a count down going!

To really hate doing cardio lately...

But loving lifting weights & feeling strong!

Have I mentioned how much I love popcorn?

To have to live paycheck to paycheck right now

But want to spend all of it...

And cant...

I have to work at Old Navy this weekend and am excited for it!

What's Ok with you right now?

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