Sunday, January 29, 2012

Sunday Sunday Sunday

I know a lot of people hate when Sunday comes because it means the end of the weekend but I am not one of those people.

I really do love my Sundays. My mornings are spent at this wonderful place!

 With these wonderful people!

I get to eat my favorite breakfast

 And get my apartment in order for the week

Tonight I made breakfast for dinner, accompinied by Pomegranate Nectarine Coconut Water, DELISH!  

The rest of my night will be spent watching this guilty pleasure show

 Is it me or is Florian really hard to understand? I love it when they put subtitles up because then I can understand him!

How was your Sunday?

Saturday, January 28, 2012

Enjoying My Starbucks Saturday


 I don't know about you but I love Saturdays.

I always feel so productive, and today was no different. I started out with an amazing breakfast of egg, turkey sausage, and blueberry waffles. And of course coffee!!

I did some homework, cleaning, and laundry before I became antsy for a run. I had a quick snack of crackers, cheese, and a clementine before I left.

My babysitting kids love it when I do the orange smile... yep not embarrassing at all... ;)

After my run I went to Meijer for some great sales. I also enjoyed a Starbucks Soy Latte while I shopped.

When I got home I had a fabulous package waiting for me! 


The beautiful Colleen had this wonderful giveaway and I won! Whoot Whoot! I received 3 bottles of SoBe Coconut water and I can not wait to try them!

How was your Saturday?

Friday, January 27, 2012

SJP & Amazingness

You know who I think is absolutely amazing?

This woman. SJP or more famously known, Sarah Jessica Parker.

Not only is she beautiful

Has a killer fashion sense


 A great actress

and a Mom

But she also makes it a point to be healthy, raise her kids healthy, and work for UNICEF.

Last night my friends, Lizzie and Nikki, and I watched I Don't Know How She Does It.

While watching the movie I really thought about how this movie depicts Moms now days. Being a teacher I see many Moms and often see them with uncolored, tangled hair. They are on their way or coming from their jobs. I get notes saying that they'll be out of town, and kids saying how they miss them. I give all these Moms credit because they love and care for their children so much, but also have independent lives and show how strong women can be. I want to be that kind of Mom some day... just not anytime soon ;)

P.S you should definitely rent the movie... it's funny and light-hearted... perfect Chick Flick.

Monday, January 23, 2012


Do you ever have a really crappy week??... Actually no, do you ever have a really bad day and then let it spiral into a bad week? That's what happened to me. On the upside I have learned a lot about myself!

Let me back up and explain. I am a very sensitive, emotional person. My Mom says I am like a human mood ring because I can always tell when something up with a loved one. It's a curse and a blessing. Well lately it's only been a curse because I'm over stepping my boundaries with a few people and its getting me into trouble. Yep I had no clue which led to a little fight... no good, no good at all.


So Friday night when I'm all upset about this fight that I didn't have any control over and had no clue it was happening and I'm home alone and it's a freaking blizzard outside guess what I decided to do? I ORDED THIS!!! Yes all (enter humungous amount) of calories in carb goodness. Talk about no self control. NONE!

So not only did I completely over eat and feel sick the next day I also cheated on Eat In Month. Let the disappointment set in.

To top it off I was not productive at all... except for holding this adorable baby girl :) Hmm ok so I had a really productive Sunday because she's the cutest baby. NO LIE :)

So. Here is Monday. A new week. I am walking a ton this week because my 4th graders and I are at the zoo! I am eating better, and going to at least 3 Pure Barre Classes. Also, I am investing in a journal. Where I write everything I'm feeling down and then ripping it up and moving on. I hate to say I'm going to care less but I am. I am going to be selfish and stubborn and not let people take advantage of me... well at least I'll try!

Here's to a new week!

Tuesday, January 17, 2012

Seriously Sick of Crossfit

Warning... I will probably offend some readers, and if so I am sorry. I have been feeling this way for awhile and tonight put me over the edge...

The edge of ANNOYANCE with CROSSFIT!!! I know that everyone's blog is for themselves, and it's our own sounding bored, rant page, etc... however.... please give your readers full disclosure when you are changing the topic of your blog to only crossfit. I realize that it is a great workout program, and I give all of you props for doing it. I just really wish I wouldn't read a blog a day about it and only it! Phew.. End Rant... and hopefully I still have some readers ;)

In other news... I have some fun stories from my fantastic 4th graders :)

- "Ms. Hattan, you look like a real teacher sitting behind the desk at the computer!"

-"Ms. Hattan, Michigan State is going down... just like you did when you tripped!!" ---Umm yea... that happened!

-Today I tried to pull down the overhead... we lost our "puller" and I had to jump to reach it.. that got the WHOLE CLASS LAUGHING AT ME!

I'm sorry this is a random, rant, no picture post but it's been a long day and I'm pooped. Tomorrow will be better... I promise :)

Monday, January 16, 2012

Oopsies.... iPhone blogging!!

So I posted on my other blog instead of this one on accident! Please click the link below to read the post :)

I'm NOT digging blogger for IPhone!!

Monday, January 9, 2012

What's Your Challenge?

 I love this saying and it has become my new mantra. If I challenge myself a little bit everyday then I can reach my goal. My goal is to become a happy, healthier, me. My Mom recently told me that I should find an outfit that I want to be my "goal" outfit. This is what I chose!

I am hopefully going to South Carolina for spring break with my Mom and I think this dress would be so cute for a night out but I could also pair it with a little sweater for teaching or interviews.

To reach this goal I am challenging myself and to help me I am joining a few different challenges hosted by other bloggers!

 You can click here for the details of Eat In Month. So far I haven't eaten a single meal out but have gotten a few coffee's from colleagues. Hey, I'm a broke student intern and need to get free Skinny Latte's when I can! A few of my favorite meals include:

Avocado Lime Chicken

Mexican Salad under 300 Calories

Homemade Potato Chips w/ Avocado Dip

Salad, Sammi and Milk
 I am also joining the 10-Pound Challenge. It is very easy to join and all you have to do is loose 10 lbs in 12 weeks. That's less than 1 lb a month! An there is some sahweet swag! Cherck it out :)

Now that you know HOW I AM CHALLENGING myself and WHY I am... Tell me about your challenge!! 

Saturday, January 7, 2012

What is your Elleism?

I am blonde.

I relate myself to Elle Woods because she has blonde social moments but is motivated and smart. This is me (or so I tell myself, plus we have the same name spelled the same way!)

My family and friends often make fun of me for the silly things I say with complete seriousness. They call them Elleisms.
This is an example of an Elleism...slippers on the wrong feet and not noticing until I tripped.

Some other popular Elleisms are:

"I am 4 ft and 12 inches tall"

"I will take a road trip to Hawaii by crossing the Panama Canal"

"I grabbed a chicken and crossed the road"

I SWEAR I am intelligent... I just don't think sometimes... well often.

1) Do you have any Elleisms??

Thursday, January 5, 2012

Errrrmm Exhaustion

This will be short.

I am absolutely exhausted.

My first week back is kicking my butt!

I did TWO workouts today...I kicked my own butt!!

My dinner was simple and amazing.

Chocolate Milk, Salad, Egg Salad Sammi

I BAWLED my eyes out during Grey's Anatomny

I'm super classy and watch the Jersey Shore faithfully... Yep I'm that girl that dressed up as Snooki one year for halloween. ( And let's be honest I'm IN LOVE with VINNY and Pauly D)

P.S I would also love to give a loving shout out to my new follower Leslie! Cherck her out NOW!!

1) How was your day?
     Mine was extremely good... just exhausted.

2) What workouts did you do?
     I did a 3 mile run on the elliptical and a Pure Barre Class

3) What is your guilty pleasure t.v?
     Grey's Anatomny, Jersey Shore, Private Practice and Sixteen and Pregnant/ Teen Mom

Wednesday, January 4, 2012

What I'm loving Wednesday

Can somebody please tell me where Monday & Tuesday went?! I have one more day of teaching left then I'm done for the week! Whoot whoot :) Per usual I'm linking up with the beautiful Jamie for What I'm Loving Wednesday!

I'm loving these boots. I'm a size 5 shoe and have a really hard time finding boots that will fit my calves. My beautiful Momma found these for me for Christmas and they are SO COMFY!!!

I have a roller coaster relationship with ice cream. I love it and then I hate it. Now I'm loving it again... I've had this every night for the last week. But hey for 160 calories/serving I think I can enjoy it :)

Umm if you did not catch ANY of this game on Monday then you lived under a rock. It was THE BEST game (well unless your a Georgia fan). It went into 3 OT and my boys won!! 

Please link up with us and tell What YOU are Loving Wednesday!!

Tuesday, January 3, 2012

Ms. Hattan...

Umm can I just first say that it is 11 pm and I feel like I'm about to fall asleep at my desk as I type this post. Thus this post may have side effects of misspelling, rambling, and out of order pictures.

So you may be wondering about my post title. Well here we go...

My last name is Hattan, and at school I am ONLY known as Ms. Hattan. I am student teaching in a 4th grade class and today was my first day back. Here is how my day went (the pictures are from our Christmas Party before holiday break):

Ms. Hattan it's snowing!
 Ms. Hattan like my shirt? It was a Christmas Present.

Ms. Hattan your team (MSU) won yesterday did you watch?

Ms. Hattan I got new shoes!

Ms. Hattan I stayed up till 2 am on NYE!
( When I told this student that I was asleep by 12:30 he proceeded to call me OLD!)

Ms. Hattan I'm hungry.

Ms. Hattan I'm tired.

Ms. Hattan, Ms. Hattan, Ms. Hattan!!!

Yep... I missed these cuties ;)

1) If you're a teacher how were your students today?

2) What is your typical bedtime?
    Mine is usually 11 but I'm way too exhausted today!!

3) What is the best thing about kids?

Monday, January 2, 2012

Yep Yep I'm a Healthy Eating Rockstar... So Far

Happy January 2nd!! I made it through 1st day with my goals! Yep Yep I'm proud of myself :)

So seeing how this is a fitness and health blog I though I would post my days eats... I won't always do this but I made some fun recipes from Pinterest I wanted to share.

Breakfast was oatmeal with PB & Honey. Iced coffee on the side :)

 Lunch was Annie's Mac n' Cheese. If you've never had this YOU HAVE TO TRY IT!! So good and so much better than Kraft for your body.

 My University (Michigan State University) football team played in the Outback Bowl today. In a triple overtime we won!! During the game I had homemade potato chips with Avacado dip (click here). The creamyness of the dip paired really well with the saltiness of the chips.

For dinner I had my favorite salad and a lean cuisine pasta steamer. My salad was Amazsauce! It's spinach, arugula, feta cheese, spiced pecans (here for recipe), and Newmans Own Rasberry Vingerette. The pasta was pretty good too :)

You may have noticed that I didn't eat a single meal out. That's because I'm linking up with Diana from The Chic Life for Eat In Month. Please link up and share your experiences. This will be my second challenge and it is so rewarding at the end :)

That's all for today folks. I'm off to get back in my teacher groove and see my kiddos!!

1) Did you meet your goals for today?

2) What is your favorite salad or some of your favorite toppings?

3) How long have you been on break? Are you ready for "normal"?
     * I've been on break for 2 weeks and I'm ready to see my kiddos but I've definitely enjoyed my      break ;)

Sunday, January 1, 2012

New Year, New Blog, New Me

Happy New Year Everyone!! I'm pumped for 2012 because it's the year of the dragon, which is the same Chinese sign for the year I was born! It's going to be great, I can feel it in my bones :)

Over the past few weeks I've really been analyzing my life. Wow that sounds like a mid-life crisis statement! What I mean is I need to start making myself happy and putting myself first. I no longer want to hide when I'm hurt, put others feelings before mine,  and have my life revolve around others. I don't mean to sound selfish but I want this year to be about me and self-discovery.

To start this journey and have it be somewhat directed, I have set up a few goals for myself. I'm not sharing all of them on here but here is a glimpse. (In no particular order)

1) I want this blog to be more. I'm going to direct it towards fitness and losing weight but will share some fun stories from teaching, and daily life things.

2) I want to be healthier. Spiritually, mentally, and physically. To help me do this I have signed up for GymPact and Pure Barre Classes.

3) I need to financially grow up. I need to track my expenses, start to pay off loans, and GET A JOB at the end of school year (I'm currently student teaching).

4) I want to reward myself more. Some friends and I have made a deal where we put away the amount of money that we loose in pounds every week. So loose 5 lbs=$5 in a jar. This money will be used ONLY for a reward :)

5) Lastly but most importantly I want to be HAPPY!!

I hope you all will keep reading and maybe I'll get some more followers ;)


1) What is your Chinese sign? Do you think it fits you?
     * Mine is the dragon and it totally fits me :)

2) Do you have any goals/resolutions for this coming year?