Saturday, January 7, 2012

What is your Elleism?

I am blonde.

I relate myself to Elle Woods because she has blonde social moments but is motivated and smart. This is me (or so I tell myself, plus we have the same name spelled the same way!)

My family and friends often make fun of me for the silly things I say with complete seriousness. They call them Elleisms.
This is an example of an Elleism...slippers on the wrong feet and not noticing until I tripped.

Some other popular Elleisms are:

"I am 4 ft and 12 inches tall"

"I will take a road trip to Hawaii by crossing the Panama Canal"

"I grabbed a chicken and crossed the road"

I SWEAR I am intelligent... I just don't think sometimes... well often.

1) Do you have any Elleisms??

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