Tuesday, January 17, 2012

Seriously Sick of Crossfit

Warning... I will probably offend some readers, and if so I am sorry. I have been feeling this way for awhile and tonight put me over the edge...

The edge of ANNOYANCE with CROSSFIT!!! I know that everyone's blog is for themselves, and it's our own sounding bored, rant page, etc... however.... please give your readers full disclosure when you are changing the topic of your blog to only crossfit. I realize that it is a great workout program, and I give all of you props for doing it. I just really wish I wouldn't read a blog a day about it and only it! Phew.. End Rant... and hopefully I still have some readers ;)

In other news... I have some fun stories from my fantastic 4th graders :)

- "Ms. Hattan, you look like a real teacher sitting behind the desk at the computer!"

-"Ms. Hattan, Michigan State is going down... just like you did when you tripped!!" ---Umm yea... that happened!

-Today I tried to pull down the overhead... we lost our "puller" and I had to jump to reach it.. that got the WHOLE CLASS LAUGHING AT ME!

I'm sorry this is a random, rant, no picture post but it's been a long day and I'm pooped. Tomorrow will be better... I promise :)

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