Monday, January 23, 2012


Do you ever have a really crappy week??... Actually no, do you ever have a really bad day and then let it spiral into a bad week? That's what happened to me. On the upside I have learned a lot about myself!

Let me back up and explain. I am a very sensitive, emotional person. My Mom says I am like a human mood ring because I can always tell when something up with a loved one. It's a curse and a blessing. Well lately it's only been a curse because I'm over stepping my boundaries with a few people and its getting me into trouble. Yep I had no clue which led to a little fight... no good, no good at all.


So Friday night when I'm all upset about this fight that I didn't have any control over and had no clue it was happening and I'm home alone and it's a freaking blizzard outside guess what I decided to do? I ORDED THIS!!! Yes all (enter humungous amount) of calories in carb goodness. Talk about no self control. NONE!

So not only did I completely over eat and feel sick the next day I also cheated on Eat In Month. Let the disappointment set in.

To top it off I was not productive at all... except for holding this adorable baby girl :) Hmm ok so I had a really productive Sunday because she's the cutest baby. NO LIE :)

So. Here is Monday. A new week. I am walking a ton this week because my 4th graders and I are at the zoo! I am eating better, and going to at least 3 Pure Barre Classes. Also, I am investing in a journal. Where I write everything I'm feeling down and then ripping it up and moving on. I hate to say I'm going to care less but I am. I am going to be selfish and stubborn and not let people take advantage of me... well at least I'll try!

Here's to a new week!


  1. Hope this week is much better! Don't be so hard on yourself love. We all have weeks where we fall off the wagon and feel horrible about it, but the important thing is that you're getting back into the right groove of things!

  2. I'm the same way with my emotions! I'm overly sensitive.. and I can't stand being in a fight with someone. Totally would have done the same thing! But no worries.. you can get right back on track!


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