Monday, September 26, 2011

Stress, Stress, Oh How I Hate Thee!

Today was a bit stressful. I was tired. I was cranky and didn't want it to be Monday. Needless to say by the time school ended at 3:15, I was out the door and on my way home.

1st thing, workout time! I did the elliptical because I needed to go to my mindless place, you know that place right? Where you do a constant motion and don't have to think? Yep I went there and didn't stop for 45 min!

Then I got into my comfy clothes (yoga pants, ovesized fuzzy sweatshirt) and took a marvelous 15 min nap :)

I had to work tonight at the library so I quickly packed my favorite to go dinner. A stuffed sandwich and a yogurt mess (Chobani vanilla, granola, nutella, and peanut butter). This meal is packed with protein and fiber and is so filling!

Now I'm going to spend the rest of my work night watching these two handsome men! Seriously I think numbers has the perfect amount of cuteness, math, mystery, and general amazingness!

What is your favorite comforting routine?

Any new shows you are loving?

Saturday, September 24, 2011

Change. Part 2.

If you've read my blog before you'll know I've talked about change, But here's the gist, I HATE Change! However, I know it's necessary and as of lately it's been on the forefront of my mind. Being who I am I Googled the word "change" and this little poem popped up and it describes my thoughts perfectly! Whoo hoo for Google and this awesome writer!

A Poem About Change: Maybe it's me Heart racing

Mind pacing

So many changes in motion

New roads that are now open

Which way to turn?

Which way to go?

No answers easily seen

I must carve my own path of green

Struggling to hold on

Trying to hold on

Trying to keep the things I need

Struggling to let go

Giving back the ties that bind me

Who will I be?

How will I know?

Who is that woman at the end of the road?

Maybe, just maybe, it's me.


As of lately I've decided to make some changes and see where they lead me. I'm no longer living for anyone else, only me. I've cut loose some friends and gained some new ones. I've realized that I need to be stronger in my decisions and know that I'm doing what is right for me.

In regards to this blog I'm not going to focus on health and fitness like I originally planned. I'll still mention it and any good recipes I make or come up with but I want to focus on my life. I'm a student teacher, taking graduate classes on Fridays, figuring out family, friends, and love. I'm balancing the life of a college student, working for free, holding down 2 other jobs, and trying to grow up and make some life long decisions. This blog is going to reflect that in so many ways and I'm going to be completely honest (according to my Mother, too honest!)

I hope you'll keep reading because I like to think I'm at least a little interesting ;)


Right now my days are being consumed by little munchkins called my students. I have TONS of teaching stories so if you want to read those visit my other blog here. I swear it'll be a good time!