Friday, October 25, 2013

Nevada Day 2013

Happy Nevada Day Friends!

As I was getting ready to write this post I was curious to what I did last year. If you want to find out click here. Not to ruin the surprise or anything but it is very similar to what I did today.... I think ;)

Do you know what Nevada day is? I didn't either until Christine explained it to me today. Way back when Nevada became a state the powers that be decided to have October 31st be Nevada day. When citizens got tired of the day changing every year the new powers that be decided to make the Friday before Halloween be Nevada day, that made the citizens happy because it allowed them to have a long weekend. Now you can say you know what Nevada day is! (P.S this was written last year).

When my co-workers asked if I had anything planned for the weekend I was thrilled to tell them and I could keep it short. 1) NOTHING 2) Fall Family Festival at church on Sunday.

Here is how my day of wonderful, nothingness went.

8:00 a.m Wake-Up. This was glorious. I slept in till 8:00!!
8:00-9:00 Read. I FINALLY finished Love, Stargirl. 
9:00-10:00 Make Breakfast/Coffee
Gluten free pancakes/pumpkin butter/maple syrup

  10:00am-5:30 pm Lay on the couch and watch movies/tv. 
Nashville & Iron Man 3 were just 2 of what I watched
5:30-7:00 Decide to do something productive and paint my nails
Gingham Pjs from Old Navy are THE BEST
 7:00-8:00 Decide nails are dry so might as well have some wine & read blogs
Someone send me flowers so I can fill my vase? Please?

 8:00-Present My hair has been in the same bun all day, same pjs and didn't wash my face

8:00-Present (Still) Finishing my night with this lovely blog and reading on my Kindle :)

This day is exactly what I've needed. After working (teaching) and moonlighting at Old Navy, it's been a busy start to the school year. Having a day to *Relax* and having ALL WEEKEND still is a GLORIOUS thing!

Happy Nevada Day!

Monday, October 14, 2013

5 For 5: Why I Need My Goals

Why does it have to be Monday? Seriously, I try to look at it with a positive view, but I'm just not feeling it. Especially after I had such a great Sunday!

Anywho, I decided that I needed to re-think my goals. Usually my weekly goals aren't met, or I only meet 1 or 2 of them. So, this week I am setting goals that I NEED. Goals that will make me a better person.


1) Pack my lunch every day this week:
This goal will help me stay on a healthy track. Plus I have recess & lunch duty every day this week, so there is no time to go grab something.

2) Weigh-In at Weight Watchers:
I used to weigh-in on Thursdays. That day just isn't work for me. I'm changing it to Tuesdays. I HAVE to weigh-in this week. I need to feel better about myself.
3) Get All My Grading Done:
My parent/teacher conferences are starting on Wednesday! I have to get my grading done!
4) Read at least 30 minutes/night
I really want to enjoy reading again. I have some good books on my Kindle and need to finish them!
5) Stay Caught Up On My Laundry
This may sound simple but when you REALLY hate doing laundry, it's hard. This weekend I did 5 loads of laundry! I still have 1 more to go! 
I really believe all these goals are attainable. They will help me stay organized. They will help me be a better teacher. A healthier person.

What are your goals for the week? Link-up with Jenn & share :)

Sunday, October 13, 2013

Why Sundays Are the Best

I love Sundays. Always have. In High School it meant youth group night. In college my Sundays were filled with recovering from Saturdays, and spending time with my church family & friends. Now that I'm an "adult", they are filled with early morning Starbucks run, a morning filled with church friends, and preparing for the week.

Sundays are my time to 'relax' by cooking. It is my time to get my laundry done and prepare my outfits. I clean my apartment and finish grading papers... although grading is never done.

Here is what I'm preparing today:

Workout Schedules:
-For once this week I don't have to work at Old Navy! While I do enjoy working there, these long weeks have been killing me! This week I can finally get back into my workout gear and get some good runs in :)

Here is my meal plan for the week!
- Monday: Leftover Sweet Potato Chili
- Tuesday: Bunco (dinner is served there)
- Wednesday: Orange Chicken & Brown Rice
- Thursday: Mexican Layer Bowls
- Friday: Grilled Teryaki Chicken


Do you like preparing things on Sundays? Or is it your "couch" day?