Friday, October 26, 2012

Dear Friday...It's Nevada Day!

Do you ever have those days where taking a shower is the most productive thing you do? Yep today was one of those days for me. Now you see I usually don't do this. I don't lay in bed, go out to eat, lay in bed some more reading, take a nap, read some more, shower and eat dinner. HOWEVER... today was my day off. Yes, today is Nevada day!

Do you know what Nevada day is? I didn't either until Christine explained it to me today. Way back when Nevada became a state the powers that be decided to have October 31st be Nevada day. When citizens got tired of the day changing every year the new powers that be decided to make the Friday before Halloween be Nevada day, that made the citizens happy because it allowed them to have a long weekend. Now you can say you know what Nevada day is!

Moving on...

Once again I am linking up with Ashley for Friday's Letters. Enjoy!

Dear State of Nevada, thank you for having Nevada day. It allowed me to do nothing and still have 2 days off.

Dear Jenn, You are incredibly awesome and sweet. Thank you for mentioning me in your sponsor post!

Dear Students, You are amazing. You make me laugh constantly, feel loved, and your forever conversations are funny to listen to.

Dear Mom & Dad, I miss you. Tons. Thank you for everything you do for me.

Dear God, I look to you always. I especially need you now. It is by your mercy and grace that I am who I want to be.

Always believing in Faith & Serendipity

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