Tuesday, October 9, 2012

It's Getting Real

Alright so yesterday I mentioned how I've had an absence from blogging. I wish I could say I had missed it so much, that I love blogging and there was an emergency that prevented me from doing it or even that I'm sorry. But in all honestly I'm not.

Life has been good & crazy. I am loving my job but living 30 minutes away has me leaving at 6:30 am and not getting home till 5 or 5:30 pm. Add in an endless stream of papers, emails, etc I am tired and in bed by 9 or 9:30.

So back to blogging. I have 41 followers... I think maybe 1/2 read my blog. Which is totally cool and fine but it makes it hard to become inspired to write when you feel like no one is reading.

I feel like I couldn't be my completely true self. I would write a "What I'm Loving Wednesday" or "Oh How Pinteresting" posts and get 5 or 6 comments but then I write a post about a feeling and get NOTHING. So I kept doing "fluffy" posts & link-ups which got boring after awhile.

Now moving on to the future. I am going to start to be myself. I'm going to be honest, real, and not fluffy all the time. Sure I'll still do the fun posts but I'm going to keep it real too.

I really hope I keep the followers I have and hopefully gain some new ones.

Always BELIEVING in Faith & Serendipity,


  1. i feel you. even at 160 followers i always get more comments on link ups than ones i really put my heart and head into. but you just need to keep going and remember you are writing for you. and even if one person reads or no one...you still are getting it out there!!!

  2. I agree with Miranda. I think the best posts are the hearfelt ones! I wish more people would write that way!

  3. I sometimes feel sad for blog posts that don't get even close to as many views as other posts!
    I feel you on the exhaustion thing! I seem to be always in bed before 10 now! Teaching is exhausting!!


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