Sunday, October 13, 2013

Why Sundays Are the Best

I love Sundays. Always have. In High School it meant youth group night. In college my Sundays were filled with recovering from Saturdays, and spending time with my church family & friends. Now that I'm an "adult", they are filled with early morning Starbucks run, a morning filled with church friends, and preparing for the week.

Sundays are my time to 'relax' by cooking. It is my time to get my laundry done and prepare my outfits. I clean my apartment and finish grading papers... although grading is never done.

Here is what I'm preparing today:

Workout Schedules:
-For once this week I don't have to work at Old Navy! While I do enjoy working there, these long weeks have been killing me! This week I can finally get back into my workout gear and get some good runs in :)

Here is my meal plan for the week!
- Monday: Leftover Sweet Potato Chili
- Tuesday: Bunco (dinner is served there)
- Wednesday: Orange Chicken & Brown Rice
- Thursday: Mexican Layer Bowls
- Friday: Grilled Teryaki Chicken


Do you like preparing things on Sundays? Or is it your "couch" day?

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  1. Sundays are my sad days because they mean that Rex is leaving again. :-( But I'm glad that you like them!


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