Monday, September 16, 2013

5 For 5: I CAN DO THIS Edition

Today has been horrible. Really. I have a general rule of disliking Mondays, but today was exceptionally worse. Especially after having a great weekend.

This morning I felt really ill. I threw up in my own classroom! It was terrible. I continued to feel awful all morning. Thankfully my students could tell I didn't feel well and were very well behaved. I'm even more thankful that after lunch I felt back to normal and was able to finish out the day.

Given this bad day, I'm really wanting some wine. I have a movie in, pumpkin spice candle burning, scentsy apple lighted, and my most comfortable pjs and blanket on. However, I'm on the Daniel Fast so no wine :(

BUT I have Jenn's 5 for 5 link up!

Here is a review of last week's goals: Success, Partial, Fail

1) Blog everyday (Mon-Fri).
2) Hand Write Notes
3) Track my WW Points
4) Plan for my David Fast
5) Unpack at least 2 boxes!
Well, now that the week is over I can finally start new. And I'm ready for a new week! 
1) Track my WW Points
I love having this goal because it's an easy success. Plus I HAVE to do it.
2) Spend my daily time with God
Doing the Daniel Fast will help me with this. I have my care group that I do every Thursday, but I really want to get deep down in the Bible.
3) Say 1 positive thing each day
I really want to do this on Pinterest, Twitter &/or Facebook. Positiveness=Happiness
4) Order/Print Pictures
This is pretty basic. I have lots of wall space & frames that I want to get pictures into. Amazingly, Snapfish is having 1 cent prints!  
5) Write at least 3 handwritten notes
I really love this idea, I just need to stick to it! If you want a note email me your address at
Hope you all have had a better Monday! And have a great week!  

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