Saturday, September 14, 2013

Weekly Weightloss: How I'm Dealing with Gains

I have decided I'm going to be completely honest on here with my weight loss journey. That means losses and gains.

Unfortunately, this week was a gain.

I can't say I'm shocked by this. I kind of had a feeling. I know my body, I know how I was feeling, and it wasn't so great.

When the check-in lady told me I felt defeated. I felt like a failure. I was extremely bummed. Especially because I did stay within my points limit. I had been doing so well and then BAM, knocked on my A** again. I threw a mini pity party for myself.

Then I stopped. I looked at my chart. The arrow was still below my first weigh-in. I'm still down 9.6 pounds! That's an accomplishment! So why was I being so hard on myself for a 1.4 pound gain? Because I hate the feeling that I failed.

I have decided I'm moving on. I looked at my week and decided I need to make the following changes:
1) I HAVE to get cardio in. This was terrible last week, but I just need to do it.
2) I need to be more strict with my points. While flipping through my points journal I noticed that while I stayed below my points, I didn't eat great foods. I had sugar and carbs which really affect my body.
3) SLEEP! I have a Jawbone UP band that tracks my sleep. I averaged 5 hours/night. I need to make sure I'm getting enough sleep!

So yes, I had a bad week. Am I going to let it ruin my whole journey? NO! I picked myself up, and reset my mind to being focused. This week will be better!

P.S I've been craving Raising Cane's Chicken. I've had it on my mind for over a week. I did a good workout (earned 3 points) and went and got my chicken. I enjoyed every bite :)

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  1. Faith, you can do this. We all fight these type of battles... isn't it crazy how we r our worst critic. Your reward will come thru faith!! Believe!!


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