Friday, September 6, 2013

My Weight Loss Journey: Beginning-11 pounds GONE!

** Warning, this is a longer post and no pictures. BUT it is personal and I'd love your comments on it!**

I've been here before. This feeling where I'm going to start new. Start this crazy, new fad diet. This feeling where this will be the year that I will make the change and a year later I will be a smaller size. I will have a healthy relationship. I will be happy.

These were all empty promises.... I felt horrible about myself. I was the heaviest I had ever been and I just didn't care anymore. It was easier for me to eat out for every meal than to grocery shop and cook. There was no one around so why bother? I had no self respect for myself, no motivation, and figured this is how my life was going to be.

In July I went home, and while I was excited to see my friends and family, I was also dreading it. Do you know what it's like to always be the fat girl in the family? To constantly need to do your hair, make-up, and look nice so people notice those things instead of how overweight you are? Do you know what it's like when your Mom and sisters can where the same cute shirt and you can't? Well let me tell you... IT SUCKS!

When I was home I had a really good talk with my parents. While they will love me no matter what, they could tell I gained quite a bit of weight since the year before. They worried about my health because I have horrible lineage. 2/5 of my Uncles just had major health scares and they are both in their 50's. My parent's told me I needed to get healthy.

Enter Weight Watchers. Now before you roll your eyes, hang with me. I was exactly where some of you might be. I rolled my eyes at WW. I even tried it in college and hated it. However, my Mom convinced me to try one more time. So I did. And I'm now on the right track.

You see, with the "fad" diets that are in (gluten free, SouthBeach, Atkins, Jenny Craig, etc) they are all very limiting. I didn't want that. I still wanted to have my Edy's Slow Churned S'mores ice cream. I wanted to have my carbs and dinners out. Weight Watcher's let me do that. Hey, as long as you track your points, it's your health plan. I liked that.

A surprising thing happened though. I began to become more aware of how much eating out was affecting my diet and my budget! I would eat out and total my points thinking "I could have made this for less points, and less money, and have leftovers!" So that's what I did. I cooked more. I looked at labels. I paid attention to how food was making me feel.

I've become one of "those" gluten free people. Not to loose weight, but watching my eating habits made me realize that I feel better when I'm not eating gluten. I enjoy shopping at Whole Foods and looking at the labels. I enjoy trying new things, even Kombucha!

Today was my 6th weigh in and I'm proud to say that I've lost 11 pounds! Better than that though, I'm starting to get my confidence back. I'm fitting comfortably into my clothes again. I have more energy and my digestion issues are so much better.

So Weight Watchers might not be the thing for you, and that's ok. But if you were struggling like me, get help for yourself. Stop doing the fads and find something you can stick with.


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