Thursday, January 5, 2012

Errrrmm Exhaustion

This will be short.

I am absolutely exhausted.

My first week back is kicking my butt!

I did TWO workouts today...I kicked my own butt!!

My dinner was simple and amazing.

Chocolate Milk, Salad, Egg Salad Sammi

I BAWLED my eyes out during Grey's Anatomny

I'm super classy and watch the Jersey Shore faithfully... Yep I'm that girl that dressed up as Snooki one year for halloween. ( And let's be honest I'm IN LOVE with VINNY and Pauly D)

P.S I would also love to give a loving shout out to my new follower Leslie! Cherck her out NOW!!

1) How was your day?
     Mine was extremely good... just exhausted.

2) What workouts did you do?
     I did a 3 mile run on the elliptical and a Pure Barre Class

3) What is your guilty pleasure t.v?
     Grey's Anatomny, Jersey Shore, Private Practice and Sixteen and Pregnant/ Teen Mom

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