Thursday, November 1, 2012

"Its Ok" Thursday

Phew, I made it to Thursday! Can I just say that I am really liking Thursdays lately because it means 1 more day till the weekend! PLUS I get to link up with Amber & Neely for "Its Ok" Thursday!

 "Its Ok"
I get so excited for the weekend even though I have no plans

I'm stressed out beyond belief right now-I'm getting to the gym every night!

I'm excited to make a new work friend... it's making life a little easier right now

Having a Starbucks Creme Brulee Latte is the highlight of my day

I read others blogs and don't always comment. Sometimes I just don't have much to say

I think my job would be 100x easier if I only had to focus on the kids 

I really love my job... most days ;)

I'm excited & nervous for my 2nd job at Old Navy

I can't eat out, buy the things I WANT, and pay for groceries with gift cards

I look to God every day for guidance and don't always say how THANKFUL I am

What is ok in your life? Link-up or comment and SHARE :)


  1. Good luck at the new job! The hardest part will be not wanting to buy all the clothes! ;)

  2. I love to make new work friends! It always make it better. And the gym is the most fantastic release for stress! It great that it works for ya :)

  3. For serious. The weekends where I don't have a lot planned? Those are the one I'm MOST excited about. :)

    PS. We're hosting a holiday 'mixed tape' (ahem, CD) swap, and I'd love for you to join! More info coming Monday.



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