Monday, November 5, 2012

5 for Five!

Well it's Monday... again. I'm very thankful that my weeks go by fast but my weekends are going by even faster, especially now that I'm working at Old Navy! Now onto the most fun link-up with Jenn & Jessica
 Let's review last week, shall we? Pink means success and blue means try harder!

1) Workout at least 3x this week! I did this! I did this!
2) Blog, Blog, Blog! I only blogged 3x but hey I still blogged!
So I kinda cheated on this one a little bit... on Wednesday (Halloween) Chipotle had $2 full size burritos... seriously how could I pass that up?! BUT I only spent those $2. I say success!
4) Write at least 3 letters. Ugh this one is another fail...
5) Pray/Bible study every night. I'm really happy I put this one on. I always pray but this week I did meaningful prayer and really studied the Bible. It's been helping.

On to this weeks goals!

1) I'm keeping my gym promise but upping it to 4x this week! I just feel so much better when I go.

2) I'm going to keep my NO SPENDING MONEY (minus bills, gas, etc).

3) I'm going to be more productive in my day. That means no coming home from the gym at 7 pm and going right to bed. No, I will grade papers, fold the huge pile of laundry, do the dishes, etc. Then I can enjoy my weekends more :)

4) I WILL write letters this week! But please, please, please send me your address if you want one! I'm running out of address ;)

5) I need to be drinking more water. It's hard as a teacher because I only have 2x during the day I can use the bathroom but I will tough it out and drink more.

What are your goals for the week?

Always believing in Faith & Serendipity


  1. You did awesome last week! 4 out of 5?! Go, Elle! I'm so with you- $2 burritos counts as a total pass! Great job- I'm excited for you!!!

    You have great goals for this week- I'm with you on the being productive after the work day. It's SO easy for (especially now that the sun is setting when I get home!!!) to come home and veg out and want to do NOTHING. Feel free to write me a letter ;) Let me know if you need my address!!

    Have a great week, lady!

  2. Hello, These goals sound great! Im one of your newest followers. Found you through this weeks blog hop! You can follow me back at

  3. I need to be more productive too! It's hard at the end of the night to not want to crawl in to bed and watch TV or sleep! I'm with ya on the water one too!

  4. $2 burrito is definitely a free pass!! Great job last week! It is definitely tough to be productive after a long day at work, but it makes a difference - good luck this week!


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