Sunday, November 25, 2012

5 For 5!

What a weekend! I wish I could say I spent mine with family, friends, and relaxing but I can not. I did spend it GUEST POSTING, working, & having an unconventional Thanksgiving dinner with my friend and her family :)

I really enjoy linking up with these beautiful girls because I really feel like it holds me accountable to blog about these goals! I really hate to use the color red!

Red= Fail, Green= Success, Orange=Semi-successful

2) Drink Less Wine
3) Cook/Eat Healthier
4) Workout- I did workout but not as often as I wanted to.
5) Get my Christmas Cards Out! I have about 1/2 of them written.

Now onto this weeks goals!

1) Have a positive attitude- This one has been hard for me lately. I'm still battling the last of this cold, am missing my family, & really hating the workplace. BUT I need to remember that I'm lucky to have 2 jobs when others have none, a place to live, and I will see my family for Easter.

2) Workout EVERY DAY this week- This is completely doable. 3x this week I will lift weights but every day I should be doing some sort of cardio. 

3) Finish the Christmas Cards! I will do this. I will do this. I will do this.

4) Only have 1 Starbucks & 1 lunch out. I have a free drink from Starbucks I'll use on Friday & I'm going to treat myself to Mexican Freddy's Tacos on Friday :)

5) Try to Blog at least 4x this week. I did well last week until Thanksgiving. Then I got busy working. Not this week! No sir, these posts will be ready the night before.

Please, Please, Please comment/link-up/tweet your goals for this week so we can hold each other accountable!    


  1. Um, you're like the sweetest ever! Thanks for your continued support with this link up! It really means a lot to us :)You did a great job last week! 3.5 out of 5?! I'm proud of you!

    We really do have some similar goals this week- seriously so many of them are pretty much the same! Let's keep each other accountable, lady! We can do it :)

  2. You can do it!!!!!! I live far from my family, too, and yeah, it's tough. Easter will be here before you know it!! (Seriously.. as I'm getting older, time is going by so quickly!)

  3. I have one free starbucks drink too!! (we'll forget that I had to buy 12 in order to get that one drink-but who's counting?). You go girl for being so ambitious with your goals!! you can do iT!!! ps. I just got back to TN from visiting my family for the holiday and it isn't any easier :/

  4. Thank you for linking up and supporting us! Great job with your goals last week. I need to get on my Christmas cards ASAP - how did it get to be December already?? Also, I love your #1 goal for this week. So true.


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