Saturday, June 16, 2012

Baking, Baking, Just Keep Baking

Ok. So I'm not completely stressed but when I start to feel the need to relax I like to cook and bake. Yep, I've always been this way. I was the one in high school bringing treats in all the time because I loved to spend time in the kitchen. And although my kitchen has greatly decreased in size and utensils (harsh reality moving out of the parents house!) I still love to spend time in it.

Here are some recent recipes that I've made and have really enjoyed. I love to make nut mixes because they are healthier fats and very filling. These spiced nuts are great on their own or mixed with salads. The cookies are from one of my students and so tasty! They are sweet without being too sweet.

Here are also some goodies I've made that were inspired from Pinterest

What are you up to this Saturday? Don't forget to link up with Neely tomorrow for Sunday Social!!

Happy Baking :)

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  1. I cook and bake when I get stressed too!!! I go ALL out and cook myself nice dinners haha I love it!


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