Thursday, June 21, 2012

2 posts in 1 day & awesome meals?!

It's Thursday night. I NEVER blog on a Thursday night. BUT I have had an ephiany and wanted to share with all of you... hopefully someone reads this because I'm really proud!

I, Elle, who loves to go out to eat, haven't eaten out this whole week (well except for Monday when the Momma paid for it). This is a huge accomplishment for me because  

1) I only make meals for myself and I hate having a ton leftover 
2) I think it's easier to go to the closest restaurant than to go home and cook  
3) I'm trying to not grocery shop till I leave for Las Vegas. Anyways...

I was at the library studying and it got to be 6 and I was STARVING! But you know what I did? Instead of pulling into Panera, I went home. I popped a bagel in the toaster, veggie bacon in the microwave, and cracked some eggs. And guess what... it was delicious. It also only took 10 min. Big smiles coming from this lady right here :)
It might not look pretty but oh so tasty!

Here are a few other meals I've made this week
Instead of Panera:Everything Salad: lettuce, veggie chicken patty, peas, tomato, carrots

Instead of buying tuna lunchables I made my own: starkist tuna in water, greek yogurt & dill 

Instead of fast food I made: Veggie burger, sweet potato fries & watermelon. P.S I eat my watermelon with a dash of salt, does anyone else do this or am I the only one?

So those are my eats this past week. I hope to keep up with this streak. It also helps that I can eat my meals watching White Collar that Janae got me hooked on.

Isn't he beautiful? Much better than the typical frat boys I see...

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  1. you go girl!! I'm so bad about running through the drive through and grabbing stuff too.. it's so hard to cook for just one person. But I've been doing better this week too! :)

  2. i have watched white collar from the very beginning, i love me some matt bomer :)

    good job with the meal making!!

    have fun in vegas!


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