Tuesday, June 19, 2012

Tuesday Tangents

Happy Tuesday Friends!! Have I mentioned how awesome all my readers are? I love to read all your sweet comments and then stalk your blogs :) So thank you!

Ok. Tuesday Tangents. This is the time where I put completely random things in a post... kinda like miscellany Monday but well... I was busy yesterday so I'm doing it today. If you want to see the creator of Tuesday Tangents (Janae) click here :)

1) I have 2 new favorite foods. Salad & Strawberry shortcake. I love Michigan summers because it's a season of really fresh produce and farmers markets. Delicious :)

2) Last Thursday I helped my Mom move. Nothing serious, her and my step-dad sold our previous cottage and we still had some things to clear out. The best thing about being the only kid to help move is I got first dibs on things! Check out that counter full of dishes... ALL MINE!!! My Mom is shipping them to Las Vegas for me!

3) Yesterday I went shopping with my Mom & my 2nd cousin Karen (She's like my Grandma). I love spending time with these 2 women, they are both strong, courageous, and wonderful role models. While shopping Karen picked me up this awesome platter as an early birthday gift!

4) Lastly, If it is too hot for my Iphone to not work then I think it's too hot to do anything... sadly the world disagrees. Thankfully the town that I teach in is awesome and sells diet coke in glass bottles. #mademyday

What are some tangents in your life right now?

XO :)

1 comment:

  1. I TOTALLY agree about the heat/iPhone thing!!! It's been that hot down here too, and it's driving my craaazy!



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