Tuesday, June 5, 2012

Tuesday Tangents!!

It's TUESDAY!! Ok, I'm not sure why I just did Tuesday in all caps and exclamation point. There is nothing super special about Tuesdays are there? I kind of feel bad for it because now that Glee & Biggest Loser aren't on there are not any shows on Tuesday nights. There aren't any special days for Tuesday. Hmm... just something to think about.

Which leads into my Tuesday Tangents. Sometimes I do this, sometimes I don't. I got the idea from the hilarious Janae and well, today I'm just in a tangent kinda mood. Feel free to join :)

1) Fitness. Umm not so hot this week. My motivation came and went. And my weigh-in showed it. I didn't loose any but I didn't gain any either. This is a new week. It will be better. My goals this week are to workout more and drink more water. Which will be possible because the lovely Courtney is doing a yoga challenge! Plus I have my Saweeeet new Tervis to drink my water from ;)

2) I'm really loving my hair today. If you're a girl you know that feeling I'm talking about. The one where you just FEEL BETTER because you are having a great hair day. I do have to credit my sister for the amazing color she does and products she recommends. If you are ever in Michigan I HIGHLY recommend her look her up at The Cutting Edge in Portland! I don't know what I'll do when I move to Las Vegas!

Yes I took the pic while at the library... don't judge

I may have gotten caught taking this pic...
3) There are so many fun giveaways happening now! Click here, here and here for some fun ones!! You won't regret it ;)

Well I'm off. Finishing out my last hour of work and then off to see this little one participate in his school's field day!

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