Tuesday, June 26, 2012

Top 5 Tuesday: Celebrity Crush List

I'm so excited! You want to know why? Because Rachel @ Just Peachy brought back her Top 5 Tuesday link-up!! This is probably the best part of my day (yea... my Tuesdays are a little lame). 

This week it's Top 5 Celebrity Crushes... I really hope you all link-up because I would adore staring at your computer screens and seeing who's on your list. Make sure you grab a towel because this is drool worthy ;)

1) Channing Tatum. I know he will probably be on everyone's list with Magic Mike coming out but I've liked him since Step Up. Remember that goodie where he's a dancing bad boy gone good? Yep even then! 

2) Matt Bomer. If you've been reading my posts lately you've noticed I've been a bit obsessed in love with White Collar. The number one reason? This guy. He can even make geeky look good! And look at those eyes!

3) Chris Pine. When Star Trek first came out my friend Cody really wanted to see it. Me not so much but I'm so glad I did because this hottie was in it! And now his new movie "People Like Us" is coming out and looks good! 

 4) Zac Effron. He was cute in all the High School Musical movies but he has grown up into such a good looking man! And since he dumped the baggage Vanessa Hudgins he's been taking amazing roles and producing good movies!

5) David Beckham. I love his bad boy look and he's such a great Dad! You always here him bragging about his kids and see them in  pictures with him. Then again if he was my Dad I'd want to be in pictures too!

                                                                Honorable Mentions

Tahj Mowery

Ryan Gosling

Justin Timberlake


  1. matt bomer is the hottest!!! :)

    a sexy list you made!

  2. We totally have the same 4 out of 5 listed! You have good taste :) haha Love your picks!!

  3. Ryan Gosling was on my list, and I should've added David Beckham. I love your list!

  4. Amazing list. Who knew Tahj Mowery was such a cutie?!


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