Saturday, June 2, 2012

Why I Love Teaching

Hi Friends! I can't believe it's Saturday already! Whoo Hoo! So far I've slept in (8 am), had coffee, ate breakfast, read blogs, and have done nothing on my to-do list. Oh well it's still early in the day :)

If you've read my posts before you know that I just got done with my teaching internship. I did it in a 3rd/4th grade school and my placement was in a 4th grade classroom. I LOVE the teacher's I worked with and since ending in April, I have been back to the school at least once a week just to say hi :) This coming week is the last week of school so I've been going back more frequently to help with fun events.

1) Kidstown! Kidstown is an economic lesson that ALL the 4th grade classes do. The kids earn "money" by bidding on classroom jobs and getting paid a salary. They make shops and decide what products and services they want to sell. Then for 3 days (1 hr/day) the students are allowed to go to all the shops and buy goods and services. It was so fun to go and see everything, all my students put in such hard work!
Getting my toenails painted by Travis :)

I got my hair braided and colored by Sam (4th grade boy!)

Claire getting her nails painted by Mitchell

2) To raise money for our Big Zoo Trip the teachers I taught with (Rachel & Emily) decided to do a McTeacher Night! I got to sell cookies, work the register, and meet Ronald McDonald! Oh and we raised $635 in 4 hours!
3) Yesterday (Friday) the kids had Field day! It rained ALL DAY so it had to be inside but the kids did great! My class was honored with the compliment of being the best behaved class :) I didn't take many pictures but I got one really good one of Aidan falling down!

Well it was a fun filled Friday but now I'm off to spend some time with this cutie!

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