Monday, June 11, 2012

Miscellany Monday: Happy Happy Weekend

I really can't believe it's Monday already. Thankfully the most awesome Carissa does a link-up so it makes it a little easier. Here are some miscellany musings from my weekend :)

After work on Friday I went to my parent's house and we made the 3 hour ride up north. One of our favorite restaurants is called TraVino's and I begged my parents to go. Thankfully they complied and I had the BEST Caesar salad (with anchovies) and mushroom ravioli.

After dinner we had to pick up a few groceries for our weekend. In TC there is this awesome meat/deli/liquor store that we always go to. It's fun to go and browse the new wines they get and their speciality beers. Plus when the parent's offer to pay it doesn't hurt ;) I've been wanting to try Shock Top for awhile and it was on special, win-win.

All I wanted to do this weekend was go out on our boat and relax. And that is all I did (plus some running in the a.m). The beautiful thing about Torch lake is how BEAUTIFUL it really is. These pics don't do it justice at all. The water looks like the carribean and it's so big you never have to be by any other boats. My parent's and I just sat on our boat, drinking, reading, and sleeping for hours on Saturday and Sunday.

Don't pay attention to the date, the view is always the same :)

This is a daily thing @ our cabin. The date doesn't matter ;)
When Sunday night came around we cooked burgers before we left and then headed home. We made it back to my parents at 9 and I just wasn't ready to go back to my place. I stayed the night and finished off a relaxing weekend with a Peace Tea and watching Food Network Star. Life was good this weekend... now if  only Monday didn't have to come around :(

What are some of your Monday musings? Link-up and share!


  1. I've never been to TC but I really want to go. My boss has a vacation house up there, if he ever offers it, I'm there ;)

  2. that looks like the perfect weekend to me!! Such great pictures!
    How was the Shock Top?


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