Monday, February 28, 2011

Getting out of the Slump

I haven't blogged in almost a week. Last week was awful. I couldn't get motivated to exercise so I was in an extra grumpy mood. I found out some disappointing news, felt very alone and just in a slump. On Saturday I went to church and it was all about motivation. I really felt the service. I decided to start my week out right and shake my slump.

On Sunday I exercised my butt off... literally! For a group organization we had to clean the Breslin center after the men's basketball game. This is a picture of most of the inside. There are also rows at the top of the picture all the way around. Now imagine this filled with water and pop bottles, concession food, and newpapers. Then imagine 6 girls picking ALL of it up. Yup that was my Sunday afternoon. 4 hours of cleaning and climbing up and down stairs, lunging to pick up trash and bending over. Today I can't feel my legs! It was a great, free workout and I helped my group earn $300 :)

Today (Monday) I was super busy and running late so I didn't eat breakfast. My body felt it until I could eat lunch at 12pm. This picture is of all the food I packed. I had the mac n' cheese and ready pack snack (apples, celery, almond butter and raisins) with diet coke for lunch. The 100 calorie cheese pack and crackers for a snack. I didn't drink the special K shake. It all kept me satisfied till 8:30 pm and I felt energized which was a nice change from last week.

Unfortunately I had meetings all night so I didn't get home till 10pm and made a quick dinner of Veggie Chicken and a sweet potato.

Sorry this is quick and short but it's midnight and a long day... I hope you keep reading in the future!!

P.S. Check out this great giveaway by Sammi. I am in desperate need of some cleaning supplies and these sound great!

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  1. I know how you feel. I've been in a blogging slump too. Hopefully when spring comes around we will be inspired!


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