Sunday, February 13, 2011

What type wedding shows do you watch?

Have I ever explained how I often change my age? Some days I act like a 10 year old, or a 22 years, and unfortunately 35 some days. Friday night I was definitely 35. After an incredibly long week and realizing how broke I really am, I decided to stay in and clean.

I obviously had quite a bit of cleaning to do.

I absolutely hate it when I let my desk get this disorganized!

After a few hours of cleaning and disorganized (above) is the end result! So proud of myself :)

All the cleaning took a lot out of me so I treated myself to a nice snack of a choclate chip, banana scone and a glass of milk. The scone is from Espresso Royale and like a brick. I could only eat a few bites it's so heavy but so delicious! And yes, my clock says 9:15 pm

Around 10pm I finished reading all your blogs, watched enough girls try on wedding dresses (Say Yes to the Dress) and dish each other's wedding in competition for a honeymoon (4 weddings) and decided to go to bed. It was a nice, relaxing night so I think it's ok to be 35 some days :)

Do you ever not act your age? What is your favorite age?

What's you guiltiest sweet treat?

What is your favorite Friday night activity?

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  1. Say Yes to the Dress is my fav! Followed by My Fair Wedding and Four Weddings. I don't follow many tv series but will never miss a new wedding show episode. And I go to bed before 10:00 six nights out of the week so you aren't alone on that one :)


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