Saturday, February 5, 2011

Lake Mead is Like Lake Michigan, and Christine's Birthday!!

Have you ever noticed how on a map the great lakes are always prominent and oversized? Random question, I know, but I'll explain later :)

This week was my friend Christine's birthday. I'm so lucky to have known this girl for 4 years now. For her birthday her and her husband gathered some friends and went to Chilis.

During dinner some topics of conversation were Women at the Wella (video below), why Lake Mead is so small compared to Lake Michigan on a map, crazy resident, professor, and job stories, what is the best way to toast a marshmallow and of course awkwardness that Christine points out :)

After dinner Christine got a birthday sundae! She said it was very yummy!

Like I said before I'm so lucky to have Christine in my life. She is such a great friend and always has the best stories. Seriously, check out her blog! P.S. Wish her a Happy Belated Birthday!

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  1. Happy B-day Christine:) WHAT A FUN DINNER...I love Chili's. K, your breakfast sandwich sounds AMAZING!!! Good luck with the homework and thanks for the prayers!


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