Tuesday, February 15, 2011

Sunday Funday... But late :(

For the last week or so my parents have been in St. Thomas. I was very bitter that they decided to leave me in the blizzard in Michigan but on Sunday my Mom made it up to me.

Note that this picture is from 2 years ago, I now have brown hair but will most likely go back to blonde... but this is me and my Mom :)

First we went to church, which was amazing because my Mom has never been to the church I go to here at school. She got to meet all the families I babysit for and it took us awhile to leave, but I loved every minute of it. She had never been to Golden Harvest either so we went there for brunch.

Now Golden Harvest is a more "unique" place to eat. You'd miss it if you aren't looking for it and you have to wait at least 30 min and inside you are packed in like a can of sardines. But it's THE BEST breakfast/brunch place. Ever. Not other options. This was our awesome waitress!

I got the 3 piece french toast with the triple berry sauce. It also came with a package of hashbrowns and a whole pig of bacon. Mom got a spinach and feta omlette with rasberry swirl toast and seasoned potatoes. I wanted to take more pics but my AMAZING breakfast was calling.

After brunch it was 3ish so Mom had to go home to the Dad but it was such an amazing day :)

1) What is your favorite brunch food?
* I love to make "Sunday Sandwhiches" they include texas toast, poached egg, bacon, and cheese. Add some fresh fruit and I'm a happy girl.
2) What was your last vacation?
* My last vacation was last year in March for my spring break. I went out to D.C to visit my sister :) I'm in desperate need of another one!

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