Monday, February 7, 2011

I Can Pay You in Mac n' Cheese

Ok so one of the best friend bloggers ever, Janae, is having an AWESOME GIVEAWAY!! Go to her blog and check it out... but don't enter because then I can't win and I LOVE swedish fish :)
Mondays are one of my longer days. I'm on campus from 9:30-4 and then I tutor from 5-7 and have a meeting from 7-8. So when I finally got home I was feeling exhausted but still needed to get in a workout and finish up some homework. I forced myself eat a Myoplex bar and headed to the gym. I got about 3 miles into my elliptical run and decided to kick it up and do the aerobics mode for the other 3 miles. I then met up with my friend Lindsey and we did a weight circuit. It was such an amazing feeling at the end that I rewarded myself with some chocolate ice cream :)
I called my little sister and begged her to help with my hair. Doesn't it look grey at the roots? I swear I'm not but my roots are so much lighter than the rest!
Being the amazing sister and colorist that she is she agreed to help my situation and since I can't pay her in cash I'll take her Mac n' Cheese :)

On a last note, I live in Michigan and it was a whopping 20 degree out today so this guy decided to wear shorts and tennis shoes... Bet ya $10 he'll have a cold by the end of the week!

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