Friday, February 11, 2011

Favorite Fridays

Dear blog family,
I'm sorry I have not blogged since Tuesday. Tuesday afternoon I found out some very sad news about a family member and have been busy all week helping her. Thankfully she is now getting the help she needs but any extra prayers would help!

Since this has been such a tough week I decided to take today at work and catch up on all the blogs I follow. So for this Favorite Friday it will be all about my favorite blogs.

This is Mrs. Christine. I'm not going to put her last name because I feel like that would be a breach of privacy and the FBI and her husband would come after me... but if I made it up to her maybe I could go to her new place of residence :) Christine's blog is mostly about her life as a teacher intern and her random crazy stories. But they make me smile EVERY TIME I read them! Check her out or I'll poke you in the eye!! (Click here)

This is Katie. She is a delusional bridesmaid. No really, she is. You'll have to read her blog to find out more but she's pretty amazing. Best thing is she ALWAYS points out Christine's awkwardness which makes for some great laughs! Click here for some funny stories

This is Jenae. She is last but certainly not least. Reading her blog is like flipping through a picture book, the words are there but its more fun to look at the pictures and read the words later. She might kill me for putting this picture up but I feel like she's saying "Hi, I'm the hungry runner girl" which she totally is. You should click here and see her ridiculous running workouts and fun giveaway!!

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