Monday, January 7, 2013

5 For Five: 2013, Week 1


This post is going to be super short & sweet because it is 11:30 and I'm exhausted! Unfortunately there was a school board meeting tonight and it lasted 4 hours and I left early! Ugh... moving on.

I really adore linking up with Jenn & Jess because they make things so fun and I've found so many fun blogs because of this link-up!

 1) Not let school stress me out! I think this seems to speak for itself but after tonight I have a feeling it might be a little bit of a tougher week than I expected. I need to not bring this stress home!

2) Workout! Workout! Workout! 

3) Post about Eat In Month! This is an awesome challenge I'm doing and am so excited. I really need to put my rules/goals down.

4) Write at least 3 notes! I really love cards and want to return the favor... plus who doesn't love getting some positive snail mail :)

5) Stay caught up on laundry & housework! So other than a few presents & 1 load of laundry I'm all caught up. I'd like it to stay this way because I function way better with an organized house.

1 comment:

  1. 2 and 5 are big goals for me right now too! I've somehow managed to keep my apartment neat all week...we'll see if it lasts into the weekend. Good luck with yours!


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