Tuesday, January 22, 2013

Tales From A Teacher

It's Tuesday. I've decided I'm waking up with a positive attitude and going to embrace the day. That being said, being a teacher is not easy. Sure we get summers "off" and long, holiday breaks BUT our hours at home are often spent grading papers, making lesson plans, and worrying about our students.

That being said... I've only been away from my students for 3 days and I'm ready to go back and see them. Yep, I'm THAT teacher. The one who cares about the little one's health, whether they are getting enough love at home, and about the parent's relationship. It is my students who make my job so wonderful and have me looking forward to the day. I know not all of you are so lucky to have such a wonderful job filled with laughter and smiles so I though I'd share a few funny stories :)
 (All names have been changed).

1) Angelique: Ms. Hattan, why do you always wear sunglasses?
    Me: Well, it's Las Vegas, it's sunny ALL THE TIME.
    Angelique: Oh, then why do you wear a scarf, coat & pants?
    Me: Lately it's been cold and I don't want to freeze.
    Angelique: Dang it, Sarah's right. (shouts across the room) SARAH! You're right, Ms. Hattan isn't   a vampire!
    * As I'm cracking up writing this the funniest part is A was completely serious! I guess she's been watching a bit too much Twilight...

2) Brad is one of my favorite students. He wasn't always. In fact at the beginning of the year we mutually hated each other. But now we are extremely close and there's been so much progress with him. Unfortunately he got in trouble and had to have in-school suspension. We have a notebook where we write notes to each other and here's his entry from his suspension day.

"Ms. Hattan, I'm really, really, really sorry! I won't do it again!"
"Ms. Hattan, I'm BORED please come rescue me!"
"Mrs. V (suspension teacher) teaches like you... maybe I'll just join her class"
"You're so mean. I hear you talking. I know you want me to come back."
"Ok. fine. you win. I'll be good."
"Whoo the day is almost over. I think. I'm going to kidnapp Llama Llama!"

*Needless to say I think he went through some of the stages of grief. And Llama Llama is safe.

3) As a read-aloud I have been reading NERDS to my students. In short it's a series of books about 6th grade nerds who are really spies for the agency NERDS and they save the world. One of the characters is Ms. Holiday who is the librarian.

My friend Christine has this amazing idea for our writing time I put on a pair of fake glasses and no one can bother me while I have these glasses on. It's my time to work with a student one-on-one. It works brilliantly. My students call me Ms. Holiday and she comes to life being a super nerd who loves writing and the English Language.

Well, on Friday I needed a moment to myself. I couldn't find my fake glasses so I put on my hot pink sunglasses. One of my students came up to me and asked what I was doing. I replied, "Ms. Hattan isn't here right now. I'm Diva. I need a minute" The student thought this was the best thing in the world! She went and got her autograph notebook and asked me to sign it. Then she was my body guard. Then ALL the students wanted Diva's autograph. Needless to say the plan backfired but I know I can bust out my other personalities Ms. Holiday & Diva and they have my back :)

That's all for today and I hope you enjoyed!

Have any funny kid/student stories? SHARE!


  1. Hahaha- I'm CRACKING up in Starbucks reading these...and I'm reading them all out loud to my teacher friend who is here doing work with me. Hilarious. I think that the first story was the best. So glad to know that you're not a vampire ;)


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