Monday, January 28, 2013

5 For Five 2013: Week 4

Happy Monday! It's a long one for me so I'll be glad when its over! Until then enjoy this 5 for Five post!

 Success, Fail, Part of the way

 1) Keep Tracking On Myfitnesspal: I did this the 5 days I ate clean but this weekend I just didn't want to worry about it and that's ok with me.
2) Try Clean Eating 5 Days this week

3) Workout at least 3 days this week

4) Study the Bible Everyday

5) Meet at least 1 new person: While I didn't do this IRL (In real Life) I met new blog friends and got closer to the ones I have :)

Goals for this week!
1) Continue Clean Eating! I'm loving this because it's easy to follow, and it made me feel SO GOOD last week! 
2) Go to the gym 4 days this week! I did this last week. I can do it this week too!

3) Listen to new artists: Ok this may seem a little weird but I get "stuck" in my music. I listen to the same things over and over because I love them. I want to love new music so let me know who you listen to!

4) Continue tracking on MFP: This seriously is one of the best apps. I love, love, love it. Join and we can be friends!

5) Be Positive! This week is going to be hard. Especially Monday & Tuesday. I'll share more on Wednesday. But through it all I need to be positive for my friends, students, colleagues, and most importantly myself. 

What are your goals? Make sure to share some music love!

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  1. So, I'm SUPER excited by the week you had last week! I feel like you accomplished A TON. Seriously, you did awesome! You've motivated me for my week ahead :)

    Loving your goals for this week- you can do it again, I just know it! I'm also loving that you have a goal to listen to new artists- that is awesome and I know exactly what you mean about listening to the "same old same old" music! I'd love to hear what you're eating for 'clean eating' bc I could TOTALLY use some inspiration!

    Here's to a great week, love!



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