Tuesday, January 15, 2013

Five for 5: 2013, Week 2

So I'm posting this a little late. I'm disappointed in myself. I'm sorry to the reader who left my blog :(

Good news is, I'm posting now and hopefully you all will forgive me ;)

 I really love linking up with Jenn & Jess but this week was an EPIC FAIL!

 Here is a review of my goals last week. Fail & Success

1) Not let school stress me out! I have finally embraced the fact that I cannot change my school's situation right now. I have a job. I love my students. I show up to work with a mostly positive attitude and that is all I can do.

2) Workout! Workout! Workout! Fail, Fail, Fail. I had a lot of late night last week (report cards were due) and it just didn't get done.

3) Post about Eat In Month! See above.

4) Write at least 3 notes! This was a success. It was pretty easy since both of my sister's birthdays are on the same day & I had to send out their cards. I also had to send a thank you card out.

5) Stay caught up on laundry & housework! This is a fail because I didn't clean my apartment until last night. But it's done now!


1) Track my food on Myfitnesspal every day this week! To add me search for ElleHattan. 

2) Keep Up on Housework & Laundry! I can do this, I can do this!

3) No Eating Past 8 pm: According to a close friend this is very important for my weight loss. This will be a little tricky because I love having popcorn or a snack before bed.

4) Comment on More Blogs: I really do read  a ton of blogs. I love everyone of them. But it's hard to comment on my phone. I need to take the time to do it and reach out and meet more people.

5) Be Thankful & Happy: I really am incredibly lucky. I have an excellent family whom mostly support me. Great friends. A job I love (just not the place). And my Faith in God is stronger than ever. I need to remember these things.

What are your goals?

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  1. Yay for MFP!! And I hear you on the commenting part of blogging. I read 'em all, but sometimes it's so hard to comment on each. one. Ha! xox! Happy Saturday!


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