Tuesday, May 1, 2012

Triple Tuesday Tangent: Back and Better Than Ever

1) Right now I have this song stuck in my head, it's my new theme song.
I feel like I'm finally back to normal. The last month of student teaching, classes, work, and social events kicked my butt! After conquering all that I definitely feel like Rocky :)

2) I am officially done with taking MSU classes at MSU! No more working for free. No more 9am-6pm Friday classes. No more having to report to MSU for EVERY LITTLE THING! This is a HUGE accomplishment and I'm very proud to say the least. I got to celebrate with my friends, teachers, and family :) Now onto finishing my master's!!

IMG 0593
    (Kristin, Me, and the teachers I worked with; Emily, Tina, and Jennifer)

IMG 0598
        (Nikki, Lizzie, and Me)

IMG 0603
       (Mom, Me, & Step-Dad)

3) In case you missed my Twitter, or Facebook, or don't follow me (which you should) I GOT A JOB! Yep I'll be sharing the story in a later post but it's in Las Vegas, Nevada and I couldn't be more excited! Quest Academy, Here I Come!
So needless to say some pretty awesome things have been going on in my life and I can't wait to share more details... all in due time :)


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  1. Congrats on everything! What's your twitter name? I don't follow you and I want to! Find me at pineapple_21


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