Friday, May 11, 2012

Boob Tube Babble

Hello Friends! Exciting news I gained 2 new followers! Whoo hoo :) Also, the most amazing Neely is hoping to get 1500 followers on Twitter. You should follower her, she has the best commentary on life but more importantly T.V shows. Plus she hosts this link-up with Ashley!

So here is my babble for the week

Castle: I have loved this show from the beginning. It has never gotten old and the love story between Castle and Beckett has had it's twists and turns. This last episode was no different!

Private Practice: WTH (What the Heck) Pete & Charlotte!?! Love the plot with Cooper's little boy and how nice he was though! It shows that kids truly don't care when they are young :)

Raising The Bar: This is a show on Netflix that I became addicted to. I mean it has law, good fashion sense and oh yea... this cutie :)

Lastly Neely got me hooked on Felicity. Last night I powered through 5 episodes and loved it. I wish I could do something about her frizzy hair though, I mean come on! I adore Ben but really hate how he doesn't see how much Felicity cares for him. And Noel, stop being a baby. Please and Thank you. 

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  1. i love castle too,i was getting annoyed with them since neither would speak up and tell their true feelings. great finale!

    cute blog :)

    happy weekend!

  2. LOVE Castle. Oh man, oh man! I also havent' watched Private Practice yet...doing that now!


  3. I love Raising the Bar! So sad when it was cancelled and i could no longer MPG on there anymore :(


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