Thursday, May 10, 2012

It's Ok Thursday

Hi All! I can't believe it's Thursday already! This week has flown by for me... which is always good! I'm loving linking up with Amber and Neely for "It's Ok" Thursdays and here's another edition!

It's Ok that it is 8:57 a.m and I am mad that the financial aid office phone is busy.
It's Ok that I'm mad that I haven't gotten my financial aid... I really want to take my classes!

It's Ok that I have done NO packing for my Big Move (I still have 69 days)
It's Ok that when I receive a comment on my blog or a new follower that I get 100x more happy :)
It's Ok that I have been lusting after Neely's new blog design and want to win her giveaway so I tweet,  blog, fb like and whatnot to win! (P.S. You should enter too) 
It's Ok that I will spend 3 1/2 hours with my sister while she does my highlights, cut, and eye brow waxing (the price of beauty I guess)
It's Ok that I love to online shop and feel rotten that I haven't bought a single thing this week
It's Ok that I haven't bought anything... I'm saving and doing good!
It's Ok that I feel lonely and can't wait to move to Las Vegas to be close to Christine.
It's Ok that I am mad at my step-cousin for not inviting me to her shower, her wedding, but my family still wants me to meet up with them. 
It's Ok that I am addicted to watching re-runs of Bones, Secret Life, and Make It or Break It
Lastly, it's Ok that I love Pinterest, Goodreads, Facebook, Twitter, Google Reader and Instagram and constantly check them hoping for something new :)

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  1. Hi Arielle! I went to comment back, but you don't have your e-mail address set up. :) Thanks for checking out my post!! Congratulations on the job in Vegas!! Although, I'm sure the flight from Michigan is a LONG one...

    And yikes - gotta love those cougars that prey on the youngins!! ;)

    New follower!


  2. Booo for sucky financial aid - I hate stuff like that. But GO PACK! I can't wait to see pics of your new place!


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