Monday, September 3, 2012

Weekend Update+Birthday Weekend!!

Hi Friends!

It feels so weird to be typing a weekend post on a Monday but great at the same time! I hope you all had a wonderful weekend! I know mine was!

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Friday was my Birthday! I'll be honest. I was kinda bumming because Christine hadn't mentioned it ALL WEEK. I thought I was going to be spending the night alone... but never fear she completely surprised me Friday morning!
We had cinnamon rolls and I opened gifts and cards from the cutest furbabies. Even Elsie TRIED to be nice!

So not only do I have a great friend but I also have awesome students and parents! I got so many goodies and I've only been their teacher for 2 weeks!
All the goodies (minus the cookies, brownies & starbucks giftcards)

a mom made this for me! I absolutely love it!!
If you remember from my last post my cutest little one G has been singing me birthday songs all week. I recorded one of them on Friday :)

After school Christine, Rex and I decided to go to Olive Garden for dinner. I was super excited about this because I never go here alone. It is a date place or family place or friend place but not a place where you sit down and read a book.

On the way I was telling Rex that I was bummed our friend Steven wasn't coming. He explained that he had a test earlier and was tired, I gave up trying to convince Steven to come (I had been texting him all afternoon). As we were driving Rex started acting weirder than usual... he suggested all these places we went by instead of Olive Garden. I figured "Oh well, it's the hunger that's making him crazy". When we got to Olive Garden, Christine and I unbuckled and started to get out when I heard "SURPRISE!". Umm have you ever been in a backseat with some dude yelling "Surprise?!" I FREAKED out. According to Rex I started twitching. It was STEVEN! Christine and I were so shocked that the boys pulled off the surprise! It was a dinner full of laughs and amazing food. I am so lucky to have them as friends!

Saturday was pretty low key. I slept in late and just hung around my place. Went to the library and Office Max. Later in the night Rex, Christine, Steven and I went to Tuoro University (where the boys go to school) and watched the Michigan game and Oregon game. We had pizza and I graded papers.
On Sunday I went to church, In n' Out Burger and go a pedi. I also cleaned and graded MORE papers (the work is never ending for a teacher)!
I don't think there's a good picture of feet anywhere!
Today I have completely enjoyed my day off. I worked out, laid by the pool, did some laundry and read. I haven't read a "fun" book in ages and it was so enjoyable! No I'm enjoying a Nestle Drumstick and watching last night's episode of Big Brother. P.S I'm so addicted to that show! The play that Dan did will go down in history and I really want Danielle and Shane to get together!

It was such a great birthday weekend and I hope your weekend was just as enjoyable :)

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  1. Happy belated birthday! I'm so glad you had great friends around to surprise you and make you feel special :)


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